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Mom’s Day


Today my mom is coming over to hang out. We had such a great time last week while she was on vacation from work. She came over 3 days in a row and helped me outside in the yard and even did all my laundry! Amazing right? She totally rocks. I told her that she needs to come over more often and she agreed. Today we are going to do some weeding in the yard and plant a few vegetable plants. My green thumb is growing and I’m exploring all the possibilities. =)

So far for breakfast I’ve just had some Honey Nut Cheerios. Straight out of the box at that! I don’t know what’s gotten in to me but my appetite is insane. I definitely think it’s time to whip out the measuring cups/spoons again. Maybe I’m just getting too comfortable with where I am at. I can’t lose sight of the goal at hand. I still have about 13lbs to lose and I don’t want to start going in the other direction when I am so close.

Ryan has a follow up appointment with the Pediactric Neurologist at 2:30 today. I am not looking forward to the 30 min drive but it must be done. My mom is going to stay with Chase and Bailey while we go. I haven’t noticed him “tick” in a while now which is great. They still have to go over the EEG report with me, even though I know it came back normal.

Cori is working all day again today. She is leaving next Tuesday night with her mom to drive to Michigan. Her mom will be spending a few months there from now on every year and needs Cori to go along for the ride. She’ll fly back on the 9th. I was just going to stay home but changed my mind and now I am taking the kids to my dad’s. With the kids both starting school soon I thought it would be a nice little vacation. They love their grandpa and grandma Jeanne.

I hope everyone has a great day today. I have some chicken left over for last night that I’m thinking about using in a chicken salad for lunch. Sounds yummy. Can’t wait until my mom gets here. (hurry up mama!)



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Hey, sorry to be missing yesterday. Before lunch I ended up working in the back yard for a couple of hours. I was completely covered in dirt. Our weeds were beginning to take over! I couldn’t even finish it all yesterday. The boys wanted hot dogs for lunch and I made myself half a sandwich and a 100 cal bag of chips.

My lame turkey sandwich with spicy mustard on a piece of whole wheat bread.

from alicia 001

I didn’t think I was going to be outside for so long and used up all my “extra” time that I would normally use to make something better. I think I just about drank my weight in water too, I was sweating like crazy. I never did get to working out yesterday but I think all the yard work was a good trade.

After we were all fed and I took a shower, I got the kids ready for a nap. My not so filling lunch left me hungry and while the kids slept I snacked on a Natures Valley PB granola bar.

I forgot how much I like these things.

from alicia 002

I started out watching some show on VH1 and the next thing I know it’s almost 5pm! I had fallen asleep for almost 1 1/2 hours. I haven’t taken a nap like that during the day since I was pregnant. It was great and awful all at the same time. I guess I needed it but I woke up feeling like I was dragging. I was also in a rush to start dinner. Luckily I already had some chicken defrosted and I started with that.

Dinner was as follows: Baked chicken fingers coated in special K cereal and Mrs. Dash table blend, mashed potatoes and cooked apples.

Here’s my plate that I ended up not finishing. Cori was still hungry so I gave her 1 piece of chicken and 1/2 of my apples.

from alicia 003

I had about 2 tbs of ketchup for dipping too. The apples were ok but not my favorite. I used 3 Fuji apples and I think a more sour apple would have been better. The chicken on the other hand was great! I crushed about 2 cups (which was actually too much) of Special K cereal in a gallon sized ziploc bag, poured the crumbs on to a plate and added the Mrs. Dash Table Blend. I trimmed the fat off the chicken, pounded 2 chicken breasts until they were even and cut them into strips. I rinsed the strips with water then coated them in the crumb mixture. Baked at 375* for about 30 min. The kids were excited to eat cereal on their chicken.

After dinner Cori and I watched Troy and the kids all went to bed. I had a hard time falling asleep but I slept good after that. Bailey was up at 6:20am. Cori was still tired and didn’t feel like working out so I was on my own. I didn’t realize how much yard work really worked you out. My legs are so sore. My back is even sore. I tried to do Jillian Michaels No more trouble Zones but I just wasn’t feeling it. I found a few other videos that I tried but either my legs or my arms would start to burn. After about 40 min of trying different videos, I decided to do 10 min of abs. By the time I was done Cori was up. I took my car to down the street and vacuumed it out. It was so gross. I figured I should clean it before our vacation on Wednesday. =) When I got home I realized I still hadn’t eaten anything yet and had a South Beach Diet PB bar. ( and a big glass of h2o)

Cori was getting ready to finish up the back yard. Seeing that I was already sweaty and dirty I helped too. I had all but 1 part of the fence done; (pulling weeds) she pulled those weeds. I sprayed round up along the patio and in the front of the house. I finally got to use the gas blower. Oh yea, that was fun. It vibrates so much it’s almost hard to hold on to. Really makes “sweeping” off the patio so much easier. 

I am not sure what our plans are for today. We are trying not to spend money seeing as we’re leaving soon. Lunch time is in 30min so I should get the ball rolling.

See you for lunch,


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