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Taco Night

Good evening!

We had a great day today. The boys and I went to the zoo for a few hours with 3 of their baseball team mates. The other mom and myself had our very own little summer camp. (or so it looked) 5 kids under 6 is quite interesting. =) They were all well behaved little men. After 2 hours of walking around, we took a break for some lunch. I packed turkey sandwiches for the boys and myself and gave the boys some cheddar cheese pringles too. Lunch was only interesting for about 5 min before they set off to the fountains. It was so hot out I don’t blame them. I drank 2 20 oz bottle waters while I was there. I don’t know how I didn’t float out of there. haha

We stopped by Laurie’s house on the way home to drop off the clothes sent from her friend in Gerogia. Laurie’s oldest daughter and husband are visiting family and she was glad to have some company. They boys also enjoyed playing with all her toys while she wasn’t there. We didn’t stay long and were back to the house in time to relieve my mom. My aunt Cheryl is comming in town tonight and my mom was ready to spend time with her sister.

I promised Cori taco’s tonight and I didn’t let her down.

summer vacation 09 015

Close up of the toppings: lettuce, tomato, onion, and fat free sour cream. (cori picked up 2% cheese on her way home)

summer vacation 09 013


Ground turkey with low sodium taco seasoning.

summer vacation 09 014

I let the kids and Cori have the taco shells and soft tortilla’s and I went with a taco salad. Romaine lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, ( not a great taste combination with taco salad f.y.i.) a tiny bit of 2% cheese, 1 tsp fat free sour cream, 1/4 cup of taco meat and 1 tsp taco sauce.

summer vacation 09 018

It was so yummy (minus the cucumber, it was just weird) but I couldn’t finish all of it. My eyes were definitely bigger than my belly with this one.

Good news!!!!! I am fitting into all my old clothes! I decided to try on some of my shorts, skirts and jeans that I haven’t been able to fit in to since before I got pregnant. Actually I don’t think they even fit me that well back then. To my surprise they fit! What an amazing feeling. I still have a few areas that I need to work on and after seeing my hard work pay off today, I know I can stay on course to getting fit. There is still 2 pairs of shorts that fit but I wouldn’t wear out. haha Anyone know what I’m talking about? I told Cori that I am officially out of back up clothes so when this round gets too big it will be time to go shopping. Whoo hoo!

We’re going to Laurie’s pool tomorrow with the kids. Even Cori! I am so excited. Cori picked up some beer to sip on while relaxing by the pool. She broke into one tonight and said it was delicious. I stuck with water.

summer vacation 09 017


Sam Adams is getting all sorts of fruity.

Have a great night. See you for breakfast.


ps-Laurie, Cori and myself are going to be starting the Master Cleanse on Sunday. I’ll fill you in more about it tomorrow when I purchase the ingredients.


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