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Feeling magical

Good afternoon!

Today has been so busy that I am just now getting a break. Bailey was up at 6:30 (actually I heard her at 6am but she was playing) and managed to get out the door by 7am. I did 4.5 miles which turned out to be so pleasant. I ran a bit but mostly walked. Cori was ready for her turn when I got back just after 8am. The kids were eating breakfast and Bailey was playing in her playpen so I did 15 min of abs and arms. I hurried to vacuum and mop before Cori got back. We had about 30 min to get ready for Harry Potter. The kids were so excited! My mom and aunt Cheryl got her just before 10 to watch Bailey. It was so nice to go out just the 4 of us. I did miss Bailey but the boys needed some alone time. And, we got to take Cori’s FJ Cruiser! Oh yea, no mini van for us today.

The movie was fantastic! Chase fell asleep half way through and woke up right towards the end. Ryan was chatting it up the whole time. Too much excitement to keep in I suppose. Cori and I didn’t get a chance to eat before we left the house so we shared a soft pretzel and I had some of Chase’s popcorn. The movie didn’t seem long at all but it started at 10:40 and didn’t finish until 1:20. Wowzers. As we left the theatre we saw the storm outside. Cori had to run to the car to drive it up closer. We all still got pretty wet.

By the time we got home I was ready to chew off my arm! The kids had some left over pizza and I used up the rest of the lettuce, tomato and onion to have a taco salad. It was really good. I heated up the (turkey) taco meat and added 1 tbl 2% taco cheese, 1 tsp fat free sour cream and 1 tbl salsa. I also tossed in a few baked scoops to make it more taco like. Cori left to go to the high school to work and was going to get something on the way.

I already have dinner on my mind. I’m thinking turkey sausage and cabbage. Don’t ask me why but it sounds good. Hopefully Cori makes it home in time and we can all have dinner together. The next 3 days she’ll be gone a lot so it will be nice to have her here. My mom is still on vacation and said she is going to come hang out some the next few days. =)

Hope everyone is having a great day! See you after dinner,



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