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Curry Goodness

Good evening!


I am eating this as I post. I made curry rice, baked chicken (marinated in Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb) and mixed veggies. I am in heaven right now. I woke up this morning and only had a Fiber One Bar before I cut the grass. If I eat too much before mowing , I tend to get nauseous. After getting cleaned up the kids and I went to my friend Whitney’s house to meet her new baby Hailey. I brought a water for myself and a snack for the kids but we were all starving by lunch time. Instead of coming home however, we went by Laurie’s house to cheer her up. She’s just feeling a little down and needed some company. =)

We got home just after 3 and the kids snacked on some pp&j sandwiches. I decided to do Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred Level 2 while all the kids napped. I felt much stronger doing it today. I don’t know what made it different but I was able to finish the workouts much better. Perhaps it was doing it in the middle of the day versus first thing when I wake up. (?) Don’t know but I’m glad I did it.

The kids all slept way later than usual so I started dinner before the chaos started. I had chicken ready to be cooked and baked it at 400 for 30 min. Cori loves Curry rice so that was also on the menu. I bought a few of these frozen mixed veggie packs and I am so in love with them. They have different mixes and so far all of them are delicious.

I am just waiting for Cori to get home now so we can watch the latest Nurse Jackie. Man we love that show!

See you tomorrow,



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Not lost


So, my Internet has been down for 2 days. I tried everything to fix it except call Comcast to come out and repair it. They charge $40 to come and we wanted to give it another day. YAY! I woke up this morning and it’s working. I don’t get it but I’m happy it’s working. I feel like I’ve missed so many days I don’t know where to begin. Lets see…..

4th of July:

We had a great time. I made dinner for all of us before we headed downtown to watch the fireworks. Dinner was chicken, black beans and rice and garlic bread. I didn’t have any fresh veggies and only can corn so we skipped them tonight.

 My plate.

pics 057

The fireworks were great. Lake Worth always does a great job. We met up with my mom, Laurie, her kids and her mom. We set up our chairs and blanket right on the water and waited for the show. The boys got some soft serve vanilla ice cream. ($3 a pop!) Cori and I brought a bottle of Merlot and some solo cups. haha. We finished the bottle between the 2 of us in 2.5 hours. I didn’t finish my last cup so I had about 1 1/2 cups maybe? I’m not sure because I just keep pouring small amounts so I wouldn’t spill any.

pics 105

This was Bailey’s first 4th of July. I was nervous about how she would act being up so late. She is so use to her routine and is ready for bed by 7:30pm. She did great! When the fireworks stared she could care less. Cori was holding her and trying to get her to look but she turned her head and went to sleep! Guess she wasn’t so impressed.

pics 111

The boys sat on the blanket with my mom for the whole show.

pics 104

We made it home and were all in bed before 10:30pm.


Now the last 2 days…… let’s see

I started Sunday morning with the biggest Green Monster ever! I needed it too.

pics 002

I’m having a serious block as to what I did the rest of Sunday.Oh wait I remember, I cleaned everything! I went through Bailey’s closet, the boys closet and all of their clothes. I have 2 big bags of clothes for my nephew Ethan and 2 big bags for Lauries little girl Steffi. When Cori got home she cut the grass and I vacuumed and moped the house. For dinner I made a ground turkey Sheperds Pie. It was so yummy. Browned ground turkey with sauteed onions, creamed corn, green beans, mashed potatoes and 2 % cheddar melted on top. I have pictures but am having difficulty uploading them. Sorry.

 Yesterday I woke up and did Jillian Michaels Shred Level 1. When I finished the kids and I went to the park for 3 hours. I got in about an hour of brisk walking while the kids rode their scooters. We left just before lunch time to come home. We all had turkey sandwiches. The kids had yogurt and cheese puffs too. After lunch we went to Lauries house. I wanted to drop off the baby clothes before we leave tomorrow for our vacation. The kids played for a couple hours before we came home for nap time. Bailey and Chase slept for a  while, Ryan and I sat on the couch watching a movie. I made a big salad, a sweet potato and chicken nuggets for the boys. I ate about 1/3 of my salad and when my sweet potato was done I sent my salad packin! I just wasn’t feeling it. I put a few sprays of my “fake” butter and 2 tsp of brown sugar. It was delicious. Cori ate 1/4 that I couldn’t finish. I haven’t had a sweet potato like that in so long. It was warm, sweet and hit the spot.

Today I was up at 6:30am. Bailey was up just after. I fed her and got straight to working out. I knew I had to get it in early if I wanted to fit it in today. I went with Jillian Michaels Shred level 2. Man that chick kicks my butt. In a good way of course. I took a few extra minutes at the end to really stretch. I’m feeling really good about where I’m at but I don’t want to get to comfortable because I still have 20 lbs to go. I made myself a GM and drank it while Bailey and the kids had their breakfast. Today is going to be a busy one.

To do list.

  1. Clean house ( I know I just did it but it’s never ending)
  2. Pack my bag
  3. Pack all 3 kids bag
  4. Finish all the laundry
  5. Bake oatmeal raisin cookies for trip
  6. Make sure house is ready to be shut down for the next week.

I think my mom is coming over today so that will be nice. I could use the company. (and help!)

See you for lunch,


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Rabbit Food

Finally, a nice big salad. While I had my stove top grill nice and hot I made the boys some grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches. They called me chef mom. haha After they were done I was kinda upset I wasn’t having one too. (not too upset though)

Looks nice huh?

from alicia 243

Chase was a little weird about it having “stripes.” I had to assure him that he wouldn’t taste the grill marks at all. Ahh, such a picky eater. Ryan loved it, he just wasn’t that hungry.

While their sandwiches were cooking I was chopping. Tomato, cucumber, onion, zucchini, celery, romaine lettuce and spinach. It looked very purdy.

from alicia 247

All the while I was being starred at by these…..

from alicia 248

Cinnamon raisin bagels. I bought them for our company last weekend. They are my favorite kind of bagel, a little cream cheese and apricot preserves. Yummy, *sigh

Anyway moving on…. My steak didn’t take long at all to cook. I like it about medium, a little pink. I seasoned it with Mrs. Dash table blend. When it was done I let it rest before trimming the fat and slicing it. Tossed some salad in a bowl, added 1/2 the sliced steak and topped with feta cheese and 2 tbs light raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

Trust me, it was as good as it looks.

from alicia 249

My eyes were definitely bigger than my belly. I gave it a big girl try but just couldn’t do it. (learning to listen to my body! good girl Ashley)

from alicia 257

Again I have a chocolate craving. I saw a commercial for Dove’s new Peanut Butter filled chocolates, not even right. =) Will power right? Cori should be home soon and by the looks of it outside right now we won’t be going on our walk. I’m sipping on a glass of merlot while I blog. The boys are playing with Bailey right next to me. I don’t think I mention enough how much I love them, I really do.

See you for breakfast,


I think it’s about time I weigh myself again. Tomorrow morning.

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Veggie Delight

While Ryan and Chase napped I thought of dinner ideas. ( and watched Oprah haha) Her show was about prolonging your life and what you can do to be your best. She had a 85 yr old man who lived a healthy lifestyle, ate healthy food and stayed active, and felt like he was in his 40’s! I am so amazed by people like him. He also is one of the richest men in the world.

Bailey and I went in to the kitchen while the boys napped and I started on dinner.

And, had a glass of vino. =)

blue cam 016

Bailey sat in her Bumbo seat and munched on some frozen strawberry’s.

blue cam 007

She is the best assistant chef ever.

I knew I wanted to make some sweet potatoes for dinner. I cut up 2 big sweet potatoes and tossed them in EVOO and a pinch of salt and pepper, baked them in the oven at 400* for 30 min. I still had 2 chicken breasts from yesterday leftover and was going to have 1/2 of one. Until that is, I saw the big bowl of veggies. I had a bunch of broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, carrots, and red pepper staring at me. I thought for a minute about dumping them then a light went off. How about vegetable soup? I put all the veggies in my food processor with a little bit of low sodium chicken stalk and blended away. Once it was all blended I poured it in to a pot and brought it up to a boil. Added a little bit of Mrs. Dash table blend and tada! It was magic.

All the vegetable soup business got me way off track from what was suppose to be dinner. I know the boys don’t like sweet potatoes (weird huh?) and there was no way they would try the veggie soup. I’m really trying to get them to try new things, it’s just hard. Ryan said he just wanted chicken and Chase didn’t say much, I think he was still sleepy. In a last minute effort I heated up some chicken for the boys, tossed some sweet potatoes in a bowl of soup and we sat down for dinner.

Here’s my bowl.

blue cam 013

No protein in this meal but it was plenty filling. So much so I couldn’t finish it.

What’s left over.

blue cam 015


Tonight would be perfect for some dark chocolate. Too bad I don’t have any, maybe it’s a good thing. Cori is off from the beach again tomorrow. That means a run is in the plans. Hopefully the weather is better than today.

See you for breakfast,


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Rain rain go away

It’s been raining here for over 2 day now. I know we need it but this is messing up my flow. The kids went to the movies with Cori today. Cori said they really liked the movie but after 2 hours they were over it. Ryan also had to go #2 in the middle of it and she had to run to the bathroom. haha, Can’t say I’m upset I missed that one. I didn’t do much after I got back from my oil change. Bailey took a nap and I just layed around. I would have gone outside and done some yard work had it not been raining. I finally got hungry around 1pm and made myself a tuna sandwich. I used my flat sandwich bread, 1 can Albacore white tuna, 1 tbls fat free mayo, romaine lettuce, mustard, and a sliced pickle.

Yummy tuna salad sandwich.

blue cam 004

I did open a 100cal bag of chips but I couldn’t finish them, I was full and they were too salty.

Laurie called me and told me she got her furniture for the new house so I packed up Bailey and headed over. She totally lucked out. She got 2 living room sets for $1700! There is a used furniture store by my house and she got everything there. You can’t even tell it’s used though, it looks brand new. (all of it)

Cori and the boys made it back to the house just after I did. She took them to Chick’fil-a for lunch and then went to Barnes and Noble. The boys love going to the book store. Cori is already gone to the high school to go work. =( I have no desire to cook dinner tonight. I’m feeling kinda blah. I think it’s all the rain. I’m use to sunshine and blue skys. This rain makes me lazy. Hopefully she won’t be home too late and she can help me come up with something yummy for dinner.

See you for dinner,


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Winding down

Well, the kids and I have had a pretty boring day. Besides our trip to the Doctor today we didn’t really do anything. The kids played inside all day because of the nasty weather. They are about ready to climb the walls. Bailey got some good sleep. She took a nap on my chest from 4ish till 5:20pm. I could have layed her down but she was too cute. =) The kids were suppose to be taking a nap but I could hear them playing the whole time. I didn’t mind because they were behaving. They’ll be ready for bed come 8pm though.

Chase was ready for dinner (that boy is always ready to eat) and by 5:30 I was cooking. I heated the oven to 400* and put in the 3 chicken breasts. I had them marinating in Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb since yesterday. They came out so good. I was going to use up the leftover veggies from last night but I went with something a little different.

I give you, chicken, cheese, lettuce, corn and salsa in a whole wheat wrap. We’ll call it a mexi-wrap. All that was missing was some sour cream. It was still tasty though.

blue cam 004

While I gave Bailey her bath I munched on a few of these. I love Nilla Waffers. Simple and delicious.

blue cam 005


All the kids are just about ready for bed. Bailey is starting to get a little cranky so I’m gonna call it a night. Jon and Kate comes on tonight. I think it’s just a look back since it started. I should go to be early tonight. I want to run in the morning if it’s not raining and I have to bring in the van for an oil change at 9am.

See you for breakfast,


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munchin kinda day

Missing my morning workout has thrown off my day. After the kids ate their lunch, I set them up outside with some moon sand. (it always keeps them busy for a little bit) I thought I should workout before I changed my mind. While browsing the exercise videos I found a 20 min tank top ready workout. It was really intense. Worked out my arms, shoulders, back and abs. When it was done I did 10 min pilates for legs. Wow! I wasn’t sure how much I would feel it but my outer thighs were a burnin! haha By the time I finished the 30 min the kids were back inside coloring. I thought I could do a little more, perhaps something fun. Then I found something under cardio Booty Blast. It was only 10 min so I gave it a try. A few minutes in I wasn’t sure if this was a workout or some kind of soft porn. ( I think it was like a stripper aerobics) I hung in there for a few more minutes until they started doing some pelvic thrusts and Chase burst out laughing. I darted for the remote and turned it off. It was too funny not to laugh. Chase jumped up and started shaking his butt. Oh no, what did I do? Guess I won’t be doing that one again. Hopefully he doesn’t break out his new moves someone inappropriate.

I thought I would be ready for lunch after all that but I was really craving some popcorn. ( weird I know) The kids were excited to have some too so I made a bag. There is only 15 cal for 1 cup of popped popcorn. Nice right? I gave the boys each their own bowl and I had the rest. haha I remembered we had some Coke Zero in the fridge and I had one of those too. This isn’t going to be my most healthy day. I’m not sure why my appetite is becoming poor in the afternoons. I’m hungry for breakfast and dinner still, just not lunch. I think I’m also getting a little lazy and I don’t feel like cooking. I’m also trying to avoid eating Lean Cusienes  and that’s a part of it. I can only eat so many sandwiches and salads. Time for some new lunch ideas. My flatout bread pizza’s were really good for lunch but I haven’t been able to find them anywhere.

Cori will be home earlier than when she was in school but still past dinner. =( I have the chicken that I marinated yesterday ready to make for dinner. We still have a ton of steamed veggies left over too. Since I didn’t have an official lunch I’m sure I’ll find something else to munch on before dinner. Too bad I don’t have any hummis, that would be great.

See you for dinner,


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