Mom’s Day


Today my mom is coming over to hang out. We had such a great time last week while she was on vacation from work. She came over 3 days in a row and helped me outside in the yard and even did all my laundry! Amazing right? She totally rocks. I told her that she needs to come over more often and she agreed. Today we are going to do some weeding in the yard and plant a few vegetable plants. My green thumb is growing and I’m exploring all the possibilities. =)

So far for breakfast I’ve just had some Honey Nut Cheerios. Straight out of the box at that! I don’t know what’s gotten in to me but my appetite is insane. I definitely think it’s time to whip out the measuring cups/spoons again. Maybe I’m just getting too comfortable with where I am at. I can’t lose sight of the goal at hand. I still have about 13lbs to lose and I don’t want to start going in the other direction when I am so close.

Ryan has a follow up appointment with the Pediactric Neurologist at 2:30 today. I am not looking forward to the 30 min drive but it must be done. My mom is going to stay with Chase and Bailey while we go. I haven’t noticed him “tick” in a while now which is great. They still have to go over the EEG report with me, even though I know it came back normal.

Cori is working all day again today. She is leaving next Tuesday night with her mom to drive to Michigan. Her mom will be spending a few months there from now on every year and needs Cori to go along for the ride. She’ll fly back on the 9th. I was just going to stay home but changed my mind and now I am taking the kids to my dad’s. With the kids both starting school soon I thought it would be a nice little vacation. They love their grandpa and grandma Jeanne.

I hope everyone has a great day today. I have some chicken left over for last night that I’m thinking about using in a chicken salad for lunch. Sounds yummy. Can’t wait until my mom gets here. (hurry up mama!)



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    mom said,

    Hi sweetpea. I would have been here earlier this am but it was storming so bad and I had your surprise sticking out the open window of my car. Lol. No planting today, but have had a great day already. Chase is sleeping and B is playing in her playpen. All is well with life. Thanks to you and Tyler for fixing my computer, too. It means a lot. Love you much.

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