From this to that


Sorry I stink at this blog thing! It has been a bit crazy here. After my last post my computer crashed. I caught some kinda virus and had to rush to back up my files. I know this is something I should be doing all the time but the truth is, I always forget. It took me 15 disks to copy all of my pictures. (all 6000 of them!) I’m sure there is a ton of pictures that I can delete but I didn’t have time to go through all of them. Now I am just trying to figure out how to get all of my music back from itunes. =o/

We all just got back today from a great little vacation in Hutchinson island. Cori’s mom owns a condo right on the beach. (2 actually, 1 is on the intercoastal) She has owned it since 1999/2000 but Cori hasn’ t been there since before we got together. The beach was great! We really enjoyed ourselves. So much in fact that I gained 3 lbs! Actually, I might have only gained 1 or 2 but I just weighed myself and almost had a heart attack. I’m going to weigh myself again tomorrow morning before I eat anything. I was way off my diet. I did manage to workout Sun and Mon morning though. I went for a 2 mile walk on the beach Sunday morning with Ryan and almost 5 miles yesterday morning. 2.3 on the turf and 2.3 on the surf. It is great to wake up  looking at the ocean. I can’t wait until we go back. I told Cori, next time we go we are cooking all of our food. Going out kills your wallet and waist. I tried to watch what I ate but the relaxed atmosphere took over. A few drinks here and there helped out too. Last night we went out for wings and beer. We split 2 dessertsbetween the 4 of us which put me over the edge. I was up all night praying to the porcelain god. I must have puked 4 times. I woke up feeling alright but my stomach is still upset. I told Cori that’s what I get for eating like a pig. =(

After I unloaded the van I made myself a spicy black bean burger and some veggies. It was very yummy and light enough that it didn’t upset my stomach. The kids both had cheeseburgers and corn and Cori is at work so I don’t know what she’s eating for dinner. I have to stay home tomorrow and wait for the a/c repair man to come. We had a major malfunction right before we left. We have to get our ducts repaired and cleaned out. Apparently we have been chilling our attack and other places that we shouldn’t have been cooling. Might explain the high power bills. I plan on cutting the grass and doing some yard work while I’ll be here all day anyway. Maybe I can lose the weight I gained on vacation! That would be nice.

See you for breakfast, (GM?)



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