I quit!

Hello everyone!

Okay so I know I am a big loser but I just couldn’t do it. I kept telling myself over and over again why I was doing the Master Cleanse but it didn’t help. Around 12 pm I had cleaned my whole house trying to keep busy. My friend Jenny came over and helped out with the kids while I worked like a crazy person. I started to get dizzy and feel really sick after my shower. The boys were ready for lunch and that’s about all she wrote! As soon as I started making them lunch I lost it. I called Cori and asked how she was doing. I figured if she was doing alright then I was just going to have to tough it out. She said she was doing alright but was a little hungry. I told her I was ready to quit and after a brief chuckle, she agreed. I don’t know what happened. I was so head strong just this morning and by lunch it was all over. I would do better at fasting if I just did it on a whim I think. Knowing that I couldn’t eat made it that much worse. Plus, I really love food! I have learned to make some healthier choices but to not have food at all is too much for me to handle. I give everyone that completes the Master Cleanse some serious credit. I don’t think I could have ever finished all 10 days. It is crazy to think that some people go 40 days. They must be nuts! haha Oh well, I’ve been doing great on my own with diet and exercise and I’ll just keep it up. Besides, starving myself goes against what I’ve been trying to do. I will just have to let my guts stay backed up.

When I finally broke down and ate I didn’t know what to eat first. I had some chips and salsa, 1/2 turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with yellow mustard and a banana. It was so yummy.

I packed up the kids and went over to Laurie’s house to bring her the last 3 tea bags I had left. (No way I’m ever drinking that again!) We hung out over there for a couple hours until it was time to come home. The weather outside was looking nasty and I wanted to avoid the rain. Just as I was walking out the door,Laurie, who was trying the Master Cleanse too, said she was feeling sick right before she hauled it to the bathroom. I guess this Master Cleanse is a bad idea. =( Sorry Laurie.

Cori stopped at Taco Bell for her and the kids. I had some Activia yogurt, a few pieces of turkey pepperoni, more chips and salsa and a 90 cal bag of chocolate drizzled rice cakes. hahahaha I d0n’t know what I was thinking but it was good. Tomorrow Cori is off and I am going to go for my 4 mile jog. I’ve put my poor body through enough for one day. I’m off to bed now.

See you for breakfast. There is a Green Monster with my name all over it!



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    doug said,

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