Yay! A morning post


Hope everyone had a good night sleep. I sure did. Cori woke up early so she could fill up the van with gas. =) Gotta love her. I’m taking the boys to the zoo today. My mom is coming over at 9:30am to hang out with Bailey. I was going to workout this morning but I might wait to see how much walking I do at the zoo. The last 2 days I have considered all my yard and house work to be my workout. Why not? I barely sat down either day and was sweating quite a bit while outside. It didn’t help that Bailey wouldn’t sit and hang out for longer than 10 minutes. She is still in vacation mode and wants to be held a lot.

Breakfast today was old faithful, Green Monster. I’m so predictable aren’t I? Gosh, sorry guys. You know what they say, when it’s good, it’s good.


I figure by the time I am done posting I will have 1 hour to get showered, dressed and lunch packed for today. That should be plenty of time. Hopefully. It looks like it’s going to be crazy hot and humid here today. Good thing they have fountains for the kids to play in at the zoo.

See you after lunch,



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