Normal BMI!!

Good morning!

I was in a deep sleep this morning when I started dreaming about a baby crying. It was a familiar cry and I was looking around me to see where it was coming from. You know where you’re dreaming and you know it’s a dream? That’s about when I realized it was my baby crying, from her room and I woke up. It wasn’t even 6am yet! I waited for a min to see if she was just whining in her sleep or if she was really crying. She stopped for a few minutes than started up again so I went and got her. Poor Bailey was starving. I think it’s funny how she  could care less about holding her bottle any other time during the day but that first one she can’t let go of.

Exciting news!!! I don’t know why but this morning I decided to weigh myself. Normally I wouldn’t because I had just checked the other day. Well, I’m finally 154 lbs which puts my BMI for my height at NORMAL! I’ve heard my WII call me overweight for so long now it feels great to hear NORMAL! I mean sure, it’s the high end of normal but so what! I’m making progress. I’m becoming healthier everyday and adding years to my life. I should still lose about 19 lbs to be at a good weight for my height (5′ 6″) but slow and steady wins this race.

Happy 4th of July!!

Hopefully everyone has some super plans for today. I’m still not sure what we are doing tonight but I think today we are going to Laurie’s pool. She moved in to a new place and is using her other house as a vacation rental. It’s really nice if you are looking for a place to stay in Lake Worth, FL. (link- She’s supposed to call me when they are headed over. The boys are itching to swim so lets hope she wakes up early. haha

I haven’t worked out or eaten breakfast yet so I should get to that.

See you for lunch,



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    mom said,

    So proud of you sweetpea.. Love you and see you later..

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