Breakfast for Dinner


I’ve had quite the busy day. The boys and I ate a quick lunch and went to the park. I had my last Lean Cuisine. It was Sesame Chicken with noodles. 330 cal, and way too much sodium. I took some pictures but my battery is dead. (surprise, surprise)

The kids and I left to the park at 12:30pm. We brought their scooters and helmets with us. They had so much fun. The trail around the park is more miles than the kids could do but we still managed to do almost 2 miles. I’m only guessing, we were going for about an hour. When they were tired with the scooters we walked over to the park. They have this really cool water fountain area that was just what they needed. I didn’t bring any suits so they played in their shorts. They had fun and that’s all that matters. We headed home just before 3pm for nap time.

Cori was feeding Bailey when we got home. The kids and I were ready for a snack. Ryan had some fruit snacks ,(transformer!) Chase and I both had a granola bar. The boys went down for a nap and Cori, Bailey and I layed down in our bed to watch some t.v. I thought for sure Bailey would take a nap too but she wasn’t tired I guess. I fell asleep for a little bit though. =) Damn afternoon naps sneeking up on me.

Dinner was a wash tonight. Cori had Taco Bell at 4pm so she wasn’t hungry. The boys wanted breakfast for dinner and I didn’t feel like cooking so that worked out perfect. They both had waffles and I had oatmeal. I haven’t been eating as many oats because it’s too darn hot out but oats for dinner works nice. I had 1 pack Kashi Truly Vanilla, 1 tbs brown sugar, 1 tsp almond butter (the last of it) and the last bit of Kashi Cocoa Beach granola. It was warm, filling and delicious.

Cori works the next 4 days until we leave on Wednesday. 40 hours in 4 days is hard when you’re out on the beach. She’ll be ready to leave come Wednesday morning. We all will be ready. I’m having a hard time not going grocery shopping, it’s slim pickins here. It makes meal times kinda interesting when there isn’t much to choose from. It’s almost always a surprise. haha

Tomorrow is the 4th of July. We don’t have any big plans. Hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday.

See you for breakfast,


ps- I’ll charge my camera tonight so I can upload some pics.


Update: Lunch

from alicia 001


Snack: from alicia 002


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    Ruth said,

    I’m trying to work on cutting down my sodium. It’s shocking how much sodium some of the healthiest foods have. You would think a lean cuisine wouldn’t have so much.

    • 2

      momof3getshealthy said,

      I always thought if I didn’t add table salt to my food I was doing alright. I was so wrong. You’d be surprised how much sodium is added to low fat/fat free options to give it flavor. We’re all safer sticking to cooking from scratch for ourselves. (if we have the time lol) To be honest, I can’t say I’ll never buy another Lean Cuisine. Sometimes it’s healthier than the other “fast” option.

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