Rain or shine

First let me say that I found a stashed 100 cal ice cream sandwich last night. =) It hit the spot and was delicious.

from alicia 001


Now that I got that off my chest, Good Morning!

Bailey Anne was up bright and early at 6am. She didn’t go to bed until after 8pm last night and I thought she would sleep until 7 at least. No such luck. It’s alright though because Cori had to get up and ready for work anyway. Bailey could hardly wait for her diaper change she was so hungry. I could hear the milk hitting her belly as she drank. Poor thing. I can’t imagine having a stomach that small and going 10 hours without eating. The boys were up abnormally early too. Cori was still here when they woke up so I know it was early. haha.

I’m still feeling run down and rather bloated. Cori found me some Midol in the cabinet and she says it will help. Anyone know any natural remeidies for pms? (Other than suck it up and get over it.) Needless to say I’m not quite in the workout mood and skipped it this morning. Instead I made myself some waffles. Kashi plain whole wheat waffles with 1 tbs almond butter and 1 tbs light maple syrup.

from alicia 004

I did make some coffee but couldn’t even drink 1 cup. The waffles were so sticky and sweet I opted for a big glass of water. The boys both wanted a bite and the break in eating made me feel full, I probably left 1/4 of 1 of these.

I’m not sure what the weather is going to be like today. If it is nice outside I would like to take the boys to the zoo or the park. If it rains I don’t know what we’ll do. I guess I could clean the house and do some laundry. (yay!) I need to find some energy somewhere and workout this afternoon. Rain or shine I have to get something accomplished today. Cori gets to come home right after work today and tomorrow she is off all day! I have to bring Ryan to get some blood work done tomorrow and I’m going to get mine done as well while I’m there. Saturday is July 4th and Cori works at the beach. The kids and I have no plans so far. What are all of you doing?

See you for lunch,


Ps- I did weigh myself right when I woke up and I’m still at 155lbs. I won’t weigh myslef again for a couple weeks. Hopefully the lack of weight loss this week is due to the bloating. (fingers crossed) My healthy weight of 135lbs seems so close yet so far.


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