Who am I?

I don’t like feeling run down and tired. I’m use to having a ton of energy and today is just not my day. Thank goodness I worked out right when I woke up because there is no way I could do a afternoon workout today.

We left to go to the park about 10:30ish. I had to stop by CVS to buy some formula and we all needed something to drink. Right when we walked out of the store it started raining! Cori and I were like, oh well we’re going anyway. Half way there we realized it wasn’t stopping and we really couldn’t take them to the park like that. I suggested we go to the new Lantana Library and then Cori mentioned the Play Mobile in North Palm Beach. They make all the Little People Toys and have a huge store with a play area that has all the toys. It only cost us $4 to get in. It was a great idea and the boys were excited to go. Unfortunately since I didn’t know we would be gone for so long I didn’t pack anything. They let you bring in lunch because they don’t serve food. Cori and the boys hit up the vending machine after about an hour. I stuck with my water and waited it out. Man was I hungry by the time we left. We were there for about 2 hours and would have stayed longer but Cori had to get ready for work.

Of all the things I thought of making for lunch on the way home, I ended up with this.

from alicia 239

And this….

from alicia 240

Nothing super healthy about this. Where’s the color? Nutrition? Flavor? haha

from alicia 241

You know what though?, something about it was very comforting. So comforting in fact that I almost immediately needed a nap. Who am I? The boys both had pb&j sandwiches and watched Cars until they fell asleep.

I’m making steak salads for dinner. Cori should be home around 7pm and if it’s not raining we’re going for a walk around the neighborhood so the boys can ride their scooters. Bailey is kinda cranky so I think it’s time for some mommy and Bailey time.

See you for dinner,



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