Happy Hump Day


Cori and I woke up at 7am and had all the kids in our bed by 7:05am. =) We all hung out just playing around for a while. Cori and I decided to workout together this morning instead of going running. We never really get to see each other as it is, I thought it would be a good idea. After all the kids were settled we came in to the family room to do some boot camp calorie burn. 30 minutes of fat blasting fun. Cori was behind me so I couldn’t tell how she was doing. She said she liked it though. We both still felt good after the 30 min so we did 10 min of 6pack abs. (both of these are on comcast on demand, exercise and fitness) The ab workout is intense.

After kicking our own butts for 40 min, I made us both big GM.

blue cam 001

I’m feeling really bloated and blah today. It usually helps if I get dressed and ready for my day. We are going to take the kids to the park with their new scooters. They haven’t really used them except on our back patio. Hopefully the weather holds out and the fresh air perks me up. I tried out a new hair style while waiting for Bailey to wake up from her nap. Only took me 3 times for it to look decent. haha

blue cam 003

blue cam 004

If anything it will keep my hair out of my face while I at the park with the kids.

See you for lunch,



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    mom said,

    you french braided your hair?????? What the….. Cool

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