Sweating to the oldies

With my (actually it was Cori’s) Ipod in hand I set out for what was suppose to be my run this morning at 6:30am. It looked like it was about to rain so I stayed around my neighborhood. I figured that way if it started to pour I  could make it home faster. I ran for about a mile but the air is so humid I kept feeling like I couldn’t catch my breath, I kept it a fast walk instead. It’s about 2 miles around my whole neighborhood and I went 2x so that’s about 4miles. I did get rained on a little bit but not too bad. My last mile got really windy which felt great. I jamed to a bunch of old dance, pop, rock and punk songs. Gotta love shuffle mode! Not too many walkers this morning. (could be the weather haha) Most mornings there is at least 5-10 people out exercising. Even though I didn’t run I still feel like I burned some good calories. I had a good sweat going. I tried to sprint a few times towards the end but eh, it wasn’t gonna happen.

Bailey was up at 5:30am! I waited about 15 minutes and she didn’t go back to sleep so I went and made a bottle. The house was still very dark and as I was going down the hallway to her door I bumped into Cori. She scared the crap out of me. I thought she was still in bed, opps. She changed her diaper and brought her back to our bed and fed her. It’s nice when she takes over like that sometimes. I didn’t go back to sleep (none of us did) and by 6:15 I was itching to workout. When I got back Cori headed out the door for a run herself. She’s worried she’s gonna get out of shape now that the Fire Academy is over. When she gets hired she will have to take another physical test, and if she doesn’t get hired right away she has to take the CPAT every 6 months to keep up her certification. Yikes.

Chase wanted Cherrios and Ryan and I had waffles. I had Kashi Strawberry Flax waffles with 1/2 a banana and 2 tbls light maple syrup.

They were so yummy.

blue cam 001

blue cam 002

I think next time I’ll add some PB too. =)

I have to jump in the shower now. I have to bring the van to get an oil change. Hopefully they will wash it too, she’s dirty.

Cori is bringing the boys to the movies today and I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I’m just about over staying in the house so I better think of something.

See you for lunch,



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