Rain rain go away

It’s been raining here for over 2 day now. I know we need it but this is messing up my flow. The kids went to the movies with Cori today. Cori said they really liked the movie but after 2 hours they were over it. Ryan also had to go #2 in the middle of it and she had to run to the bathroom. haha, Can’t say I’m upset I missed that one. I didn’t do much after I got back from my oil change. Bailey took a nap and I just layed around. I would have gone outside and done some yard work had it not been raining. I finally got hungry around 1pm and made myself a tuna sandwich. I used my flat sandwich bread, 1 can Albacore white tuna, 1 tbls fat free mayo, romaine lettuce, mustard, and a sliced pickle.

Yummy tuna salad sandwich.

blue cam 004

I did open a 100cal bag of chips but I couldn’t finish them, I was full and they were too salty.

Laurie called me and told me she got her furniture for the new house so I packed up Bailey and headed over. She totally lucked out. She got 2 living room sets for $1700! There is a used furniture store by my house and she got everything there. You can’t even tell it’s used though, it looks brand new. (all of it)

Cori and the boys made it back to the house just after I did. She took them to Chick’fil-a for lunch and then went to Barnes and Noble. The boys love going to the book store. Cori is already gone to the high school to go work. =( I have no desire to cook dinner tonight. I’m feeling kinda blah. I think it’s all the rain. I’m use to sunshine and blue skys. This rain makes me lazy. Hopefully she won’t be home too late and she can help me come up with something yummy for dinner.

See you for dinner,



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