Winding down

Well, the kids and I have had a pretty boring day. Besides our trip to the Doctor today we didn’t really do anything. The kids played inside all day because of the nasty weather. They are about ready to climb the walls. Bailey got some good sleep. She took a nap on my chest from 4ish till 5:20pm. I could have layed her down but she was too cute. =) The kids were suppose to be taking a nap but I could hear them playing the whole time. I didn’t mind because they were behaving. They’ll be ready for bed come 8pm though.

Chase was ready for dinner (that boy is always ready to eat) and by 5:30 I was cooking. I heated the oven to 400* and put in the 3 chicken breasts. I had them marinating in Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb since yesterday. They came out so good. I was going to use up the leftover veggies from last night but I went with something a little different.

I give you, chicken, cheese, lettuce, corn and salsa in a whole wheat wrap. We’ll call it a mexi-wrap. All that was missing was some sour cream. It was still tasty though.

blue cam 004

While I gave Bailey her bath I munched on a few of these. I love Nilla Waffers. Simple and delicious.

blue cam 005


All the kids are just about ready for bed. Bailey is starting to get a little cranky so I’m gonna call it a night. Jon and Kate comes on tonight. I think it’s just a look back since it started. I should go to be early tonight. I want to run in the morning if it’s not raining and I have to bring in the van for an oil change at 9am.

See you for breakfast,



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