munchin kinda day

Missing my morning workout has thrown off my day. After the kids ate their lunch, I set them up outside with some moon sand. (it always keeps them busy for a little bit) I thought I should workout before I changed my mind. While browsing the exercise videos I found a 20 min tank top ready workout. It was really intense. Worked out my arms, shoulders, back and abs. When it was done I did 10 min pilates for legs. Wow! I wasn’t sure how much I would feel it but my outer thighs were a burnin! haha By the time I finished the 30 min the kids were back inside coloring. I thought I could do a little more, perhaps something fun. Then I found something under cardio Booty Blast. It was only 10 min so I gave it a try. A few minutes in I wasn’t sure if this was a workout or some kind of soft porn. ( I think it was like a stripper aerobics) I hung in there for a few more minutes until they started doing some pelvic thrusts and Chase burst out laughing. I darted for the remote and turned it off. It was too funny not to laugh. Chase jumped up and started shaking his butt. Oh no, what did I do? Guess I won’t be doing that one again. Hopefully he doesn’t break out his new moves someone inappropriate.

I thought I would be ready for lunch after all that but I was really craving some popcorn. ( weird I know) The kids were excited to have some too so I made a bag. There is only 15 cal for 1 cup of popped popcorn. Nice right? I gave the boys each their own bowl and I had the rest. haha I remembered we had some Coke Zero in the fridge and I had one of those too. This isn’t going to be my most healthy day. I’m not sure why my appetite is becoming poor in the afternoons. I’m hungry for breakfast and dinner still, just not lunch. I think I’m also getting a little lazy and I don’t feel like cooking. I’m also trying to avoid eating Lean Cusienes  and that’s a part of it. I can only eat so many sandwiches and salads. Time for some new lunch ideas. My flatout bread pizza’s were really good for lunch but I haven’t been able to find them anywhere.

Cori will be home earlier than when she was in school but still past dinner. =( I have the chicken that I marinated yesterday ready to make for dinner. We still have a ton of steamed veggies left over too. Since I didn’t have an official lunch I’m sure I’ll find something else to munch on before dinner. Too bad I don’t have any hummis, that would be great.

See you for dinner,



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