Back home

The EEG went well. I had to leave the room though. He was suppose to lay with his eyes closed and wasn’t allowed to talk or smile. Every time Bailey or Chase would say something he would do all of the above, so we sat in the waiting room. It only took 20 minutes which was nice. Took me 40 minutes just to get there in the pouring rain and 30 to get back. They said they would call me if anything looked abnomal and scheduled a follow up appointment July 30.

The kids were hungry right when we got home even though it wasn’t lunch time. Chase had a PB&J sandwich, an apple and a 2 % mozz cheese stick. Ryan had an apple, carrots and a cheese stick. (he didn’t want a sandwich) I’m munched on a Kashi Dark Chocolate and Coconut bar. 120 cal, 3.5g fat, 4g fiber and 4g protein. I’m not that hungry yet so I figured I would just have a snack.

It’s only 12pm and we don’t have any plans left for the day. Looks like we’ll be hanging out around the house. If it clears up I might bring the kids to the park. Cori is working at the beach until 5:30pm and then is going to the high school to work for a little. =( . We could use the extra $ for our upcoming trip to Georgia July 8.

See ya later,



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