Lazy day

Hey, have a good day? No lunch post, my brother got back from his ride just after 12pm and we all  kinda ate a quick lunch. We heated up some left over Ziti from the party. (we sent a bunch home with people and still had a ton left over) I ate Chase’s because he didn’t want it. I didn’t have any yesterday so I didn’t even know how it turned out. It was good. After lunch all the kids took naps. Carla, Tyler and I watched Juno. Just when I thought I would lay down for a minute, I heard Bailey wake up. Of course right? haha

I really didn’t do much of anything after that. My brother left at 4pm and I started getting things ready for dinner.

I split a package of chicken (5 breasts) and marinated them. 3 garlic and herb and 2 spicy terraki, both were Mrs. Dash. I called Cori to ask her what direction she wanted our dinner to go. She opted for spicy teriyai and so it was. I steamed some cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, red pepper and zucchini. I was going to make some brown rice but forgot again that it takes 45 min! I didn’t have that kinda time so I went with plain white rice. I use to eat a ton of white rice so it was kinda nice for a change.

Bailey hung out with me while I cooked.

Fire Chief Bailey

Fire Chief Bailey

The finished product:

blue cam 011

The chicken wasn’t bad but teriyaki is something that requires a little salt. It didn’t taste like normal teriyaki . I know paper plates are aweful for the environment but sometimes it’s just easier.

Since I also didn’t have any of the ice cream cake last night I thought it would make the perfect after dinner treat. All of us had a small piece of the cookies and cream ice cream cake. It was so good!

blue cam 014

I don’t feel like I ate too much today but I feel like I could have made better food choices. Tomorrow I will be more cautious. Hope you had a great day. Ryan goes for his EEG tomorrow. Hopefully all goes well with that.

See you for breakfast ,



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