You know you’re getting older when…

We had a great time last night. Thank you so much mom for staying with the kids. I left the house about half an hour after Cori. Alicia came and picked me up that way I could drive Cori home.(we anticipated some heavy drinking to celebrate) We made it up the PGA and still had some time to kill so we grabbed a bit to eat. I had seared Ahi Tuna ( sorry no pic’s ) and 2 Vodka/Soda’s. I was only going to have one but Alicia mentioned we would be sitting through the graduation and I ordered another. haha. Cori’s mom and niece saved us some seats right in the front and the ceremony started right when we sat down. (just made it) All the students walked out on stage and took their seats. There were a few speakers before the certificates were handed out.

Here is class #53 the Turnout Titans.

blue cam 001


Cori is in the second row, 2nd on the left. Let’s get closer. lol

blue cam 003

Not the best pic but you can still see her. We were all so proud of her. I screamed when they called her name! After all the certificates were passed out, we watched a short film made by one the instructors of the class. It was cool to see what Cori had been telling me about all those times. We all got to meet the instructors afterwards and Cori got a few pictures.

Cori with 2 of her instructors.

blue cam 009 

Everyone was ready to let loose after the ceremony and we headed to the Yard House in Downtown Gardens. Get this, they have 100-250 beers on tap depending on which store you’re at. I didn’t get an exact count at this one but there was ALOT. We noticed they had Cherry Wheat on tap and went for the big one. This beer was no joke. It probably held a little over 2 pints. So not diet friendly.

Alicia and Cori sporting their huge beers.

blue cam 014

I ordered one but switched with cori when mine was just to the neck and hers was…well, empty. lol. I was over it. Some of the guys got a table and I suggested she eat something so we sat down for a nibble. Cori ordered a (really messy) French Dip. I was naughty and ordered the Creme Brulie. It had banana’s so I figured it wasn’t thatbad. It was sinful and so delicious.

Banana Creme Brulie

blue cam 018

I didn’t quite finish it all but it was worth every bite. We stayed about an hour after we ate and then we were supposed to go meet up with some of her other classmates at a bar in Lake Worth. On the way home we decided we were both tired and wanted to come home. That’s when you know you are getting older. We strolled in at 11pm. My mom was happy to see us and we watched the class video  again. (all the students got a copy) I was in bed before midnight and fell fast asleep.

3:44am, what? This can’t be right. Um, yea that’s what I was thinking when I woke up this morning. I tossed and turned andtried my best to go back to sleep with no luck. I simply wasn’t tired. It is not normal for someone not to tired after only 4 hours of sleep. By 6am I decided to just get up. Once I started moving around I noticed I felt less than stellar. Even though I didn’t drink that much I felt a little hung over. I had a piece of pb ww toast which helped a little.

Today is the day I’m having a little suprise graduation for Cori. She still has no idea and is even helping prepare for it herself! haha. I told her that we needed to cut the grass and pick up because my brother will be here later. I still have to go to the grocery store and stop by Party City for some decorations. This is going to be one hectic day, I can feel it already.

Hopefully I can perk up and raise to the occasion. See you later,



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    mom said,

    It was my pleasure. They were so good as usual. Love you sweet pea

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