Barely Awake

I am so sleepy. I knew that having no sleep was going to catch up with me. I have been running around all day getting stuff for tonight. All the while Cori still has no idea! Somehow I managed to sneak the ice cream cake into the freezer in the garage without her seeing. Sneaky Sneaky Sneaky. The house is pretty much ready, when she leaves I’m going to have to rush to decorate and start cooking. I’m making baked ziti. I figured it would be an affordable way to feed everyone.

My brother and his family got here around 1pm. He has a 70mi bike ride in the morning. He’s crazy, I know. I’m letting them sleep on a blow up mattres in Bailey’s room and she’s going to room with us. =) I figured it would be a good road test for our vacation July 8.

I’m still not feeling all that hot. (could be that I’m sleep deprived) It was 2pm before I made myself anything to eat. I made a small turkey sandwich with fat free mayo, spicy mustard, spinach, tomato and roasted turkey. It was good but I couldn’t finish it. Cori helped me out and ate the other 1/2.

My sort of lunch.

blue cam 023

The boys are napping and the house is still semi quite. Did I mention I was sleepy? Ahhh….

See you for dinner,



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