Milk Chocolate Diet Pill

How about all the news? Seems to be a day for big stars to pass. My heart goes out to their families and those who loved them. I’m a little confused about MJ though, CNN won’t confirm that he has passed. Is is all hype or is he really gone?

I was able to relax for almost an hour this afternoon. All the kids were sleeping and I sat on the couch in the living room and read some magazines. It was so peaceful. If I ever get time to myself I usually clean something or watch a movie, today I just sat in the quite and read. It would have been a good time to start a book. Oh well, maybe next time. It took almost 3 hours to get the feeling back in my mouth! Crazy.

With all the kids up it was go time again. I started to finish up the laundry. (only 1 load left) I love having the whole house clean and all the laundry done before Cori’s day off. This way there is nothing for us to do except hang out together. I’m going to go for my run in the morning. I want to try to push myself a little further this time. Not so much the distance as the speed. I try to take it easy as I have never really been a runner but I seem to be getting better.

The kids had some chicken and yellow rice and veggies for dinner. I was in the mood for some soup and the only soup I had was a can of Light Chicken Noodle Soup by Progresso. It only had 140 cal for the whole can which is great but there was almost 66% of your daily intake of sodium!! The can held 2 servings 70 cal a serving, 1.5 g fat, 680 mg sodium (!!!), 10g carb, 2g fiber (lame) and 6g of protein. (not too bad)

In order to cut the sodium I emptied out all of the broth it came it and replaced it with water. I know it probably didn’t make it that much healthier but it had to be a little better. Without the broth it was a little bland but I was hungry and didn’t feel like making anything else.

I give you, modified chicken noodle soup by Progresso fixed by Ashley

blue cam 005

I finished all the noodles, chicken and veggies and dumped out the “broth.”

Then came this….

blue cam 007


MILK CHOCOLATE DIET PILL. hahahahaha, Is this not the funniest thing ever? Ok, so it is completely melted (or was) but I couldn’t toss it due to comedic value alone. Shannon, my friend that was nice enough to come sit with the boys today, went to a candy shop in Ft. Lauderdale and he said they had any and every kind of candy you can think of. He got my mom some of her favorites from when she was a little girl! He had some left over in the car and as he was getting ready to leave today he handed me a bag. This “diet pill” was melted and he said to toss it but when you are a chocolate junkie like myself you just can’t do that. So, I stuck it in the fridge. It hardened pretty quick and after my soup I had a tiny piece for dessert. ( I put it into a zip lock bag and gave it a whack with my mallet)

Cori should be home soon and I’m going straight to bed. My abs are going to kill me tomorrow. Good thing I’m running and not shredding! haha

See you for breakfast,



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