Still Numb

Hello peeps. I’m finally sitting down with nothing to do. The dentist went alright. I was hoping for no shots but… I ended up getting 2. I still can’t feel the left half of my face. haha. I left to go to the dentist at 12:00pm and was back by 1:30pm. Shannon was great with the kids. They were out back flying paper air planes when I got back.

Even though I can’t feel my face a girls gotta eat right? I made myself a chicken, black bean and cheddar quesidilla. I used my whole wheat wraps and a little bit of pam on the pan. It turned out really good. I’m surprised I could eat it actually.


blue cam 001

Chicken, bean and cheese heaven. yum

blue cam 002

I didn’t measure anything out. I cut up 1/2 (cooked) chicken breast, used about 2 spoonful’s of black beans ( no sodium) and added just enough cheese to help it all stick together. (2% cheddar)

The kids are all napping now and since I cleaned the house this morning I don’t have much to do. LAUNDRY! Aw man, how could I forget! It just came to me. Oh well. I will relax between loads I suppose.

Have a terrific day. Not sure what’s for dinner.


Help with the dress! I got 2 dresses last night for Cori’s graduation tomorrow night. Which one should I wear?




Sorry about the poor quality of the pictures. I was using my cell phone in the bathroom. lol


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  1. 1

    Jen Carney said,

    Hi..I like the top dress the best..your boobs look HUGE!!! =)..Love your blog it everyday!!! =)

    ~Jen =)

  2. 2

    momof3getshealthy said,

    Hi Jen, thanks for the imput. The funny thing is, compared to when I was nursing, they are way small. Isn’t that always the case? I’m thinking I might wear that one too. It’s super cute. Time to let all my hard work pay off. =) Thanks for reading.

  3. 3

    mom said,

    the second one and that’s the one cori liked best. They both look terrific on you. Love you sweet pea

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