Play date

Hello blog world! Sorry this is the first post today. I didn’t sleep well at all last night and was up at 6:30am feeding Bailey. As soon as she finished, I was getting geared up to hit the pavement. 4 glorious miles later, I was in the kitchen makin my smoothie. I think I’ve met my smoothie picture quota.

My friend Becca text me last night asking if she could come hang out today with her 2 kids. I was excited to have some company and knew the kids would love to have some  friends over too. They arrived at our house this morning around 9am. (yes, I had time to shower) The kids were full of energy and ready to go! I brought out the big water slide and set it up in the back yard. We bought it a couple years ago and have more than got our money’s worth. All the kids were itching to go on and as soon as we gave them the go ahead they were on it like white on rice. Becca and I came inside and got some more “entertainment” ready. Finger paints and the new badminton set we got at Toys R Us. ($2!)  The kids went stong until lunch time and after a brief break for rest and food they were back at it. No major accidents and everyone (for the most part) played really well together. I  enjoyed having Becca over too. It’s always nice to have adult conversation.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for lunch but I’ve been craving a salad so I knew that was a must. I made a big salad and decided to make some tuna salad wraps. I added the tuna salad, mustard and a big handful of fresh greens, tomatos, cucumbers, and zuchinni. Becca had one too.  

By 3pm Becca and clan had to go and the boys were ready to lay down. I thought they might take a short nap but they weren’t really feeling it. I realized I hadn’t talked to my mom yet ( we talk everyday) so I called her and we decided to go shopping for a new dress for Cori’s graduation. I haven’t tried to shop since I had Bailey. I still have a ways to go (lbs wise) but am proud of the progress I’ve made so far. My hard work is paying off! In Kohls I had a bunch of dresses to try on. I picked this short black halter dress with beads around the neck. It was 50% off and needed to be stiched (no problem) on a small part so we got an extra 10% off. It came to $25, can’t beat that. Thank you again mom.

Even though I was super happy with my purchase, she suggested we go to Marshalls to look just in case. Oh my, so many cute dresses there. I found one that I liked a lot. Grey on top and black from high waist down. It comes a few inches above the knee. Very cute. So yea, I got that one too. I had the intention of bringing the one that I choose not to wear back to the store but I think I’ll keep them both. It’s been over a year since I found anything that I like let alone fits me.

After shopping and 3 very tired kids later,  we made it back to the house to cook some dinner. I heated up some left over roasted veggies and baked chicken that I started marinating this afternoon. I still had a big salad from lunch that went perfect. Cori made it home just in time to eat with us. I love it when she’s here for dinner. Mom decided to stay too. (it was the least I could do, she bought me 2 dresses) Love you mom.

Bailey could barely wait for her bath and bottle and after both she was out fast. It’s just about 8pm now and I’m ready to hit the sack. I have to go to the dentist tomorrow to refill a filling that came out yesterday. So far I’m bringing all 3 kids. Is that even allowed? Do I have a choice? Umm, no. l0l

See you for breakfast,



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    mom said,

    Hi sweet pea. Thanks for dinner. It was delicious. The dresses lookes great on you, and it was my pleasure. Nite… Hey let my dog out tomorrow please. thanks

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