No time

Good morning!

I have been a busy bee this morning. I woke up at 6am and just waited for Bailey to join me. (it didn’t take her long) Cori was out the door just after 7am to go to work. The boys were up just after. I wanted to get in a quick workout and was going to Shred, but I decided to change it up and do 25 min of abs! It was kinda a cardio version and an abs routine. I did 2 different 12 min workouts. They both killed! It felt really good to switch it up a little. I would have done some more but the kids only allow so much time. =)

After they were all taken care of I started cleaning the house. Basic stuff, bathrooms, vacuum, mop, kitchen and started some laundry. Holy laundry. We didn’t have any detergent for the last 2 days and boy did it pile up. Being a few load behind didn’t help either. If I don’t try to do at least 1 load a day it becomes a mountain of clothes in the garage. (right Alicia?)

Today I have to go get my filling refilled. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with all the kids but lucky for me our friend Shannon volunteered! He said to leave all 3 but I’m going to take Bailey with me. All 3 (even if only for an hour) can be a handfull if you’re not use to it. Hopefully she’ll sleep in her carseat while I’m there. *hopefully. lol

Between feeding the kids, working out and cleaning, I totally forgot to eat. I was going to make my smoothie right after my workout but I ended up tending to the kids instead. I think I passed the point of hungry and had a South Beach Diet protein bar so I wouldn’t ruin my lunch and throw off my whole day.

Dentist appointment is in 1 hour. See you for lunch,



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