Time out

I was reading one of my favorite blogs today and , Jenna from Eatliverun.com, said to take some time for yourself today. That is something that too many of us mom’s never get to do. It’s not like you see on the t.v. where  moms have nannies, house keepers and a chef. I wear all those hats in our house. I’m lucky most days to just be able to go to the bathroom alone. Occasionally yes, Cori will let me go for a run (when she’s here and is able) but is that really a time out for me? Usually I’m happy to have a hour or so after I put the kids down but sometimes I miss the days when I could sleep in, shower alone and spend the day lying in bed all day watching old movies. Just as I started to day dream I thought to myself, these kids are my whole life. Before I had kids I don’t even know what I did with my time. I simply can’t imagine what I would be like without any one of them. Then it struck me, time out for me means being able to enjoy them. I mean really enjoy them. With that said, I clocked out for the day around 3pm. haha. No more cleaning or cooking for the day. I put Bailey down for her nap (Chase was already sleeping) and Ryan and I played with Play-Doh for almost an hour!

Meet Sally the duck. (I’m no artist but Ryan liked it)


Ryan really concentrating


Sally even got some feet.


Once my bum started to hurt from the pint sized chair I suggested we take it outside. I went to check the mail and noticed how bad the front yard needed to be weeded. Ryan grabbed his scooter and I started pulling weeds. I filled up an entire construction sized garbage bag. Once I got started I just couldn’t stop. Every once and a while Ryan would come and help out. Cori got home about the same time that Chase woke up from his nap. She isn’t sure how she did on the State Test yet, but she thinks she did good. Yay! She was showered, changed and out the door for work before I even realized. =( . After she left and Bailey woke up,  the kids and I took it back outside for some sidewalk chalk. Our driveway is the best for that. I opened up the gates on both sides of the house too so the kids could do some laps. lol. We were out there for what seemed to be forever. (more like 1.5 hours)

Our names (minus Bailey)



Not sure what pose this is Chase is doing. Perhaps the sprinkler?



We packed it up about 6:45pm and came inside to order some pizza and salad. We live right across from a Sal’s which, in my opinion, has the best pizza. I had it way too often when I was pregnant. (for real, the delivery guy knew me and watched my belly grow!)

Pizza for the boys

blue cam 005


And a California Chopped Salad for moi. ( and Cori) Included: Mixed greens, tomato, red onion, avocado, mozzarella, grilled chicken and all this comes in a pizza crust shell!! Oh yea, it’s awesome.

blue cam 006

I ate about 1/3 of this and left the rest for Cori.

blue cam 011


I know I shouldn’t and probably wouldn’t have if it weren’t for Chase asking me to sit back down with him but…… I had 1/2 a slice of my favorite pizza. (take me serious now that pizza is my fav?)

blue cam 015


Lucky for me Cori doesn’t have to be at school until 10am so I will be a’runnin tomorrow morning. I’m ready. I hope everyone had a fabulous day.

See you after my run for a Green Monster!



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    mom said,

    That was a great looking duck by the way…….Love you

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