Quick one

This has to be a short one. I’ve been up since 5:30 am. Today is the Cori’s first State Fire Exam. She was extremlly nervous last night so I promised to be up to send her off.( and make sure she ate something) We both were lazy to get out of bed but still managed to get going. I made her lunch and after a quick yogurt and granola bar she was out the door.

Today I bring Ryan to the Pediactric Neurologist. I’m optomistic but still aprehensive. Hopefully they were able to get the MRI results. To tell you the truth, I haven’t really seen Ryan “tic” the last couple of days. Perhaps it’s wishfull thinking. I asked him yesterday if he felt like  he had to do it anymore and he said no. Please, please, please let this be something that he just went through and nothing serious.

I should be working out right now. I know if I did I would feel better but my stomach is in knots. If it wasn’t for the yogurt and granola I probaly wouldn’t have eaten. It is almost 7:30am already. Bailey was up shortly after Cori left and I fed her in my room watching the news. It is pouring outside right now. (doesn’t help my mood at all!)

I’ll be back with dinner from last night and info from the Neurologist. Keep your fingers crossed. Also, who ever ordered this rain, thanks my lawn needed it.

See you for lunch,



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