For starters, dinner from last night. I stuck with my plan and used the rest of the Turkey Sausage. I did stop by the store to buy some cherry tomatoes. I already had whole wheat pasta and everything else. It came out perfect.

I cut up and browned the sausage. At the same time I chopped all of my veggies. One green pepper, red pepper, about 25 cherry tomatoes cut in 1/2 and zuchinni.


Veggies (I added the zucchini after)

blue cam 002

Spicy Turkey Sausage in 2 tbls EVOO

blue cam 001

Here’s my bowl. I ended up with a plastic bowl because I started to serve the kids until they saw it and they changed their minds. Too many colors I suppose. Silly kids.


It ended up being the perfect portion for me though. I’m not a big pasta person so this was just right. (with the exemption of a few nibbles of mac n cheese!)

Cori was home around 8pm and while she watched Sunday’s episode of True Blood, I watched Jon and Kate plus 8. Such a sad show now. Poor kids. Poor family. It kills me to see them fall apart like that but we’ll never know the whole story.

Like I said before, I was up this morning at 5:30am with Cori. I never did workout either. I just couldn’t bring myself to. It’s almost a good thing I didn’t because I left the house 30 earlier than I had planned and I was just on time to the Neurologist.  I snacked on a South Beach Diet pb bar on the way there and drank about 32 oz of water. I was just a little thirsty.

This is how that went down….

The Neurologist told me that he has a normaltic. His brain is functioning fine it is just something he can’t control. She described it like a sneeze. Once you feel the urge to sneeze you will eventually have to sneeze. Even if you hold off for a few min, it is inevitable that you will end up sneezing anyway. She asked me a bunch of questions, one being if he has any other movement tics or if he clears his throat. Oh my goodness I thought! Last year Chase cleared his throat over and over (like he had a tickle) and it drove me crazy. I told her I never thought to bring him in because it was almost like he was trying not to cough. She said most likely that was also a tic. WOW! The Doctor also said that Ryan is at the age where if he was going to get a tic now would be the time it would show. Ryan’s MRI results never made it there so she said she would call me when she got them. I told her about the blood vessel and according to her it has nothing to do with the tic. She also said “who cares what shape it is as long as it’s working properly.” haha. I think I like her. I feel so much better but it’s not completely over yet. He goes next Monday for an EEG. He has to be sleep deprived, having no more that 5-6 hours of sleep. (which means me too) I’m also going to have to bring him to get some blood work done.

*** Well, the Neurologist just called back with the MRI report**

She said he has no blood vessel problem. He has very minor low lying cerebellum tonsils. It’s not anything major and the MRI tech said it is nothing to worry about. The neurologist agreed and after his EEG on Monday she said we’ll just have to do a follow up. Thank you!

I am so relived to hear this. It is great news. I will love him tic’s and all.

After his appointment we picked up Chase from my moms. We then went to take a look at Laurie’s new house. I would say we were there about 15 minutes before my belly started to burn!  We rushed home and I had a turkey and mashed sweet potato Lean Cuisine. ( I know they are awful but I have to at least eat what I have left.)

The kids are now running around playing and as soon as I get off the computer I am going to sit back and relax for a little bit. Cori should be home in a couple of hours and is going to take my van in to get the a.c. checked. Yay! It is too hot to drive around in So. FL without a.c.

See you for dinner,



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