Good morning!

What a morning I’ve had already. I woke up at 6:30am with the help of Bailey. =) I just love having an interactive alarm clock. She was all smiles and totally made up for my sleepiness. Last night was episode 2 of True Blood. It was so good. I can’t believe that I’m even into this much. Cori (who is a much bigger fan) was fast asleep at 8pm! She was exhausted from work and I’m surprised she even made it that late. When I was making Bailey’s bottle something possessed me to make coffee. I haven’t been drinking much if any coffee lately. I use to drink a few cups a day. I think I wanted the smell more than anything and I knew Cori would have some. Is it weird to want your house to smell like coffee? I did have a few sips but I decided a good Shred would wake me up better than cup of joe.

With Bailey fed and the boys just waking up I started Level 2 of JM shred. Just as I expected, it was much better doing it in the morning. It still kicked my butt just didn’t kill me. lol. I found I had much more stamina and could get through the workouts better. The kids came out half way in to it and took one look at me and turned around. I think the sweat and redness of my face scared them away. Bailey just watched me from her play pen like I was a nut. Perhaps I am.

After Shredding the boys were ready for some breakfast. Chase wanted the breakfast that I have to cook. (?) Your guess is as good as mine. It took me a few trys but I finally got it out of him. Pancakes! I had just enough batter in the fridge left over to make 2 decent size pancakes so banana pancakes it was. Because nothing is ever simple, Ryan requested oatmeal. Kashi truly vanilla oatmeal that is. It’s fast becoming a favorite in my house. I’m going to get everyone hooked. I made myself a Green Monster (so good) and we all sat down at the table together. It is such an important and easy thing to do. If you haven’t sat down for a meal with your kids in a while, (or spouse, partner etc.) you should. You’ll find that you are much closer.

Bailey was all out of patience after breakfast and was ready for her own oats. After her food I sat down to give her a bottle and what do I sit on? How about a pillow soaked in dog pee. Ugh! I have had it with this dog. He is notorious for pooping on the floor. Just about everyday or every other, we wake up to poop on the floor. He’s not neglected, the kids and I are home all day and even though I don’t really like him, the kids play with him all day. We have a nice big back yard with tons of grass and yet he choose’s to poop on the floor. Anyone good friends with the dog whisper? I know wah wah…. I can’t help it, I’m just over it.

With that said, I was going to clean the floors today anyway no I just have to figure out a way to get the pee out of the couch. (is that even possible?) I have a Doctor appointment at 11:45 today. Nothing serious, just a check up. I also have to get a hold of the pediatric Neurologist. They never called me back last Friday. Ryan’s pediatrician said not to worry just get them on the phone today.

See you for lunch,



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