Stop and Go

blue cam 001

Stop for smoothies and go to the beach that is!

Bailey was up just before 7am and after a quick bottle I started to pick up the house a little. I wanted to get everything ready so we could go to the beach early today. Ryan woke up at 7:30 and I had to wake Chase up at 8am. I made myself a fabulous Green Monster and the boys had a banana and berry smoothie. After I made it I thought I could have added spinach and oats to theirs too and they wouldn’t have even known. Oh well, tomorrow right? With the smoothies all gone and our stuff packed we were out the door. We made it to the beach by 9am and it was beautiful. I forgot how much nicer it was getting there early. The water was as flat as glass. Ryan and Chase found a sand castle left from yesterday and they started adding to it. ( and destroying it a little) It wasn’t until almost 11am that people really started to show up. Cori had the first break and was able to set up my chair and umbrella like last time. What a life saver. She hung out with us for the first couple of hours before she had to go back up to the tower. The boys snacked on some granola bars and I had a Kashi PB protein bar. Bailey took a nice long nap and impressed all the older peeps around us. (that beach is known for the older crowd) I played with the boys in the water for a while and swam a little while Cori was with us. Swimming really works you out. I would love to be able to incorporate that into my workouts.

We got home just after 1pm, making our trip to the beach 4 hours! Wow, seems like a long time to be out there but we were having a blast. The heat index was suppose to be 105. I never really felt overheated though. Since I really didn’t have lunch I was pretty hungry. (the boys had pb&j sandwiches) I had an apple while I decided what I wanted.

blue cam 006


After looking at all of my options I chose this,

 blue cam 007

blue cam 008

That would be leftover pizza from last night. Still cold that is. Lmao. I told you pizza was my favorite. There was 3 slices of the Spicy Turkey Sausage  and Spinach left. I had 2 and a big glass of water. I drank a big bottle of water at the beach but I’m always extra thirsty after a beach day.

After lunch (and Bailey fell asleep) the boys and I played with Play-Doh for a while before I layed down on the couch. They got bored after a while and rode their new scooters outside. I watched a little bit of Can you Duet on CMT and struggled not to fall asleep. By 3pm Bailey was back up and I put the boys down for their nap. Bailey was so hungry. She ate a jar of food and 1/2 a bottle, (3oz) that’s more than normal. I was going to vacuum and mop when I thought, I should try Level 2 of Jillian Michael’s Shred! If I only knew. Man was I struggling! I pushed through it though. Barely. She was doing stuff I’ve never seen before so I had to watch them do it and then I would jump in. I was sweating like a hog on the fire. Eww that was gross. (sorry for the mental picture) My arms feel like jello. Very heavy lead filled jello. I don’t even want to know what my abs and glutes are going to feel like tomorrow. But guess what?, I freaking loved it! So intense and yes I felt like I was going to puke but man did she kick my butt. I don’t know if I could do that everyday but it’s a good change. It might help if I did it in the morning too. I have the most energy right when I wake up.

Cori is coming home after work. Yay! She should be here around 5:45. I’m making us a big salad for dinner with some tuna . ( I think, haha) First things first, shower and much more h2o. I’m diein. lol

See you for dinner,



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