I love pizza!

blue cam 016

So, I decided to make 2 pizza’s. 1 bbq chicken pizza and 1 spicy turkey sausage and spinach. They were both so yummy. Ok, here’s how it went.

Spicy Turkey Sausage and Spinach pizza

blue cam 012


I wanted to skip the sauce so I layered thinly sliced plum tomatoes all on the bottom. Topped with browned spicy sausage, (cut up in to small pieces) sauteed spinach, sliced sweet onions and fat free mozzarella.


BBQ pizza

 blue cam 015


I cut up the 2 left over chicken breast from last night. I added a little bit of Elizabeth’s Baby’s BBQ sauce to the cut chicken and heated in the skillet. Topped pizza crust with more BBQ sauce, chicken, thinly sliced onion and diced tomato.

The BBQ pizza was by far the best but they were both great. What a great way to use up left overs. A friend of mine makes pizza with all sorts of left overs. Taco pizza, chicken pizza, fish pizza, spaghetti pizza, veggie pizza, hamburger pizza. I’m sure some are more healthy than others but I wouldn’t mind tying out a few. It’s perfect for having company over too.

I’m already on my second cocktail and feelin a little tipsy. We’re getting ready to watch the season premiere of True Blood again, Alicia didn’t get to see it. ( she was in Nicaragua on vacation) It’s ok though because we love it.

I’m thinking about going to the beach tomorrow, depends on how long it takes me to get going out of the house.  We’ll see.

See you for breakfast,



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    mom said,

    Oh how yummy that looks. You’ll have to make it for me. love ya sweet pea

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