Whew, it is hot outside! We just got back from Lake Lytal water park. Laurie called this moring and said they were going out on the boat so I had to think fast. I knew they would be upset if we didn’t do something. Lake Lytal is a public pool with a kiddie area. There is a lap pool and a smaller 2ft deep pool with a playground in the middle. The boys really love that place and so does my wallet. Only cost me $10 for all of us. Bailey was free. =) We use to go there a lot last year but it’s one of those things you forget about. Last year they let you bring your own cooler with food and drinks. I packed a cooler but they wouldn’t let me bring it in. They said only food no drinks. What gives you ask? They opened a concession stand that sells drinks! Ugh, another cheap outing getting pricey. Luckily I brought my camel back water bottle and just snuck it in under the stroller.  I also tossed the boys snacks (granola bars and apples) in there too. We put our stuff down in the shade under a nice big tree close enough so I could still see the water.

My set up with Bailey in the back hanging out.


After about a hour the boys were ready for their snack. I walked over to the concession stand to get them something to drink. I was going to get them some water but them I saw the Ice-e machine and knew they would be so excited. It was a nice treat on such a hot day.

Just as I expected, they loved it.


I brought one of my South Beach Diet pb protein bars. I’m glad I did too because the nutrient defecient  pancakes didn’t hold me over. Next time I am going more prepared. Around 1:30pm I started to pack it up. I figured 3 hours was enough. The boys weren’t so eager to leave but I told them hey could play with play-doh when we got home and they picked up the pace.

I was about to chew off my arm on the way home. I finished my water thinking that would help. All it did was feel like an empty belly full of water. I don’t know why I’m so hungry today. I’m having one of those days where before I would eat junk all day. You name it I ate it, cookies, chips, soda, pizza, ice cream. (No wonder I ended up so over weight.)  When we got back to the house I made myself a tuna sandwich. I used the Arnold Select sandwich thins.


They remind me of a pita kinda. I toasted it and topped with lettuce, pickles, tomato slices, jalapenos and tuna mixed with 1 tsp fat free mayo.

blue cam 011


I ate every last bite of it and it was delicious! I could almost go for some yogurt or something cold but I’ll wait a min to see if I’m really still hungry or not. The boys had some turkey slices with Cheddar cheese and Ritz crackers. They love lunches they can nibble on while they play. I love making them both the same thing for a change! lol

Alicia called and she’s coming over tonight. If you’ve been reading my blog you know that always involves a few cocktails. =0 ) What can I say I’m part Irish. I’m thinking about vodka and diet tonic with some lime. Sounds refreshing and yummy. Cori is at school today. She is taking her last practical final before the state tests on Tuesday and Wednesday. I’m sure she’ll be ready for a cocktail (or 3) when she gets home as well.

My brother is coming up next weekend for a bike ride event. He’s bringing the family with him which works out well for Cori’s surprise! Don’t worry, she doesn’t have time to read my blog and therefore won’t find out. haha

I’m going to make homemade pizza for dinner. I got whole wheat natural pizza crusts. I’m going to top with pizza sauce, sliced plum tomatoes, onions, spinach and spicy turkey sausage. I can’t wait. Pizza is my favorite food ever!

See you for dinner,



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