Pancake overload

I bought stuff to make pancakes at the store the other day and thought a Saturday pancake breakfast was needed. I gave the boys the choice of banana or blueberry and they both picked banana. I got the Bisquick Shake and pour because it’s easy and that’s what I use to get. While I was waiting on the first round to cook I read the label, not good. There is 33% of your daily intake of sodium in just 3 pancakes! How could I have never looked at stuff like that? I knew changing our breakfast at this point was impossible so I continued on. This will be the last time I buy that mix though. There has to he a healthier option. Anyway, they turned out to be very good and the kids devoured them.

 blue cam 007


Ryan and Chase both started off with 2 banana pancakes. I had 1 small one. Before they were even done they said “how about some blueberry now?” haha, My kitchen never closes. Luckily I still had a ton of batter left so I made 3 more, this time blueberry. We each had one.

Check out these pretty berries.

blue cam 006


I was so full after the second one. My belly seems to only be use to smoothies in the morning now. It makes a BIG difference in your energy level too. Starting out with a heavy breakfast makes me feel heavy all day. Blah. I won’t lie, it was yummy though. This picture of Ryan sums up how we all felt after.

blue cam 009


I needed a big glass of water to wash it all down. If I can avoid the urge to lay back down we are going to get ready to go to the pool. (not that I feel like putting on a bathing suit right now) Hopefully Laurie will call me soon before Bailey is ready for her morning nap. I see salad’s in my menu for the rest of today. Ugh, gotta shake these pancake blues.

See you after lunch,


See you after lunch,



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