I feel like I’ve had a full day already. I woke up about 6:45am, fed Bailey and was out the door just after 7am. I ran out my neighborhood, down the road to a park, around the park and then back around my neighborhood. I would say it was just over 4 miles. It felt great. I can feel myself getting better at running. Each time I am able to go a little further and I catch my breath much faster once I stop. There are so many people in my neighborhood that go for walks in the morning. Most likely because it is just about 2 miles all the way around. By the time I was almost hungry I could feel my belly growling.

How I look after running 4 miles. Sweaty and red in the face.

 blue cam 040


I jumped right on the blender when I came in. I made extra again so the boys could have some too. They really love this stuff. With my green monster in hand I jumped in the shower. Yes, that right smoothie in tow. =) I needed to hurry if I was going to make it to the grocery store before Ryan’s MRI. I’ll say this much, just try it. I killed two birds with one stone and it was great.

While I was getting dressed Ryan came into the room and said “umm mom, Chase spilled my smoothie.” Just fantastic. Nothing like cleaning up green liquid off a carpet. I took the whole thing outside and hosed it off. (it was just one of those street map looking carpets) To tell you the truth, it probably needed the cleaning. lol

Ryan wanted to join me in the grocery shopping adventure and off we went. I thought his appointment was at 10:30am but I was wrong and we only had 1 hour to go there, shop, come home, put everything away and make it 10 miles south to the hospital. One of the best diet tips I have is to do all of your major shopping around the perimeter of the store. Only going down the isles if you have to. I use to go up and down every isle and bought way too much junk. We stocked up on strawberry’s, blueberries, fresh fruits and veggies, snacks for the boys, chicken, ground turkey breast, Mrs. Dash marinades, milk, soy milk, 100 cal chips, bread, sandwich meat and a few other items I can’t remember right now. What I forgot was stuff for Bailey! haha Great mom huh?!?! I will have to make another trip later for formula and baby food. It can wait for a little while though.

We made it back just in time to unload, put away and get back in the car. We made it to the hospital just in time. I was hoping we wouldn’t have to wait too long. I could tell Ryan was a little nervous. We had a long talk about how it wasn’t going to hurt at all and it was just going to be very loud. Bethesda has some of the nicest volunteers. We were taken back with a few minutes and Ryan was ready for his big picture. I was able to stay in the room with him. The tech said it was like a ride at Disney! He liked that a lot. He had to lay down and she put headphones on him. She put on the blocks on either side of his head and a cage looking devise over his face. There was a 2 way mirror on the cage so he could see me the whole time and I sat right next to him rubbing his foot. (lucky kid right?) I had to wear ear plugs to muffle some of the noise. It was so loud. Ryan got to listen to The Hunchback of Norte Dame soundtrack. When it was all over (about 15 min) he said “that was AWESOME!” She gave him a stack of stickers and said to pick one or have all of them because he did so well, he of course took all of them with a big smile and said thanks.

My mom is coming after lunch to bring him to toys r us (yes again) to get a scooter. Chase will get a surprise too. I think I will take Chase and Bailey to the park. Cori is going to a surprise retirement party for her mom.

I am almost hungry and the wheels are already turning for ideas for lunch. hmm….

Be back soon,



Oh I almost forgot, I did end up having left overs for dinner last night. I made myself a little bit of brown rice with refried beans, salsa and sour cream. I also had a couple turkey meatballs with zucchini spagetti.

I used one of Bailey’s bowls so I wouldn’t over do it.

blue cam 004


blue cam 029


After dinner (and begging from the kids) we went for a walk to the park down the road.

King of the slide

blue cam 005

Making me nervous.

blue cam 013


Mommy and Bailey

blue cam 017

They had a great time and crashed right after we got home. All 3 of them. =)


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  1. 1

    mom said,

    You have to be the best mommy in the world. I love you so much

  2. 2

    You look cute after your run! 🙂

    And I agree – shopping around the outside of the grocery store is the smartes thing. I hardly ever go down the aisles. Just for chickpeas and tea usually. 🙂 oh, the freezer aisle too for my frozen veggies and ezekial bread.

    • 3

      momof3getshealthy said,

      Aw thanks, I was feeling hot! lol I go through spurts where I’ll buy frozen veggies and fresh. I have to go to the store more often when buying fresh though. (something I always have to do anyway for milk, bread and fruit)

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