Not as planned

Well, the pool did not go as planned today. We made it to Laurie’s house about 10:45am. I waited until Bailey woke up to leave and I also had to stop by the grocery store. I was really craving some watermelon and had to pick up lunch for the kids too. (pizza for them, Lean Cuisine for me) Before we left the house I told the boys not to bring their new water guns so that Laurie’s daughter and them wouldn’t fight over them. Of course I know nothing so they begged to bring them. Not even 30 min after we got there Anna was crying to have one. Normally I am the first one to say “share” but they just got these yesterday. I brought out all the dive sticks to try to occupy her but she wasn’t having it. She is 3yrs old and doesn’t understand. After about 2 hours of her crying and screaming I was ready to pull my hair out. (so was Laurie) I tried to get her to help me make the pizza but no luck. Laurie put her in time out, held her, spanked her and nothing worked. I think she was tired at this point too. When she came back outside I asked the boys to please share with her and they did but then when they wanted it back she screamed again. Ahh!! I knew we shouldn’t have brought them. My cool was gone by now and I started to pack it up. I wouldn’t want people at my house if any of my kids was having a tantrum like that so we left. The whole trip only lasted about 3 hours. Not as planned. =(

On the way home we passed by the beach to say hi to Cori. She was suprised to see us. We left the beach and stopped by Wendy’s to get the kids a frosty. I thought they deserved it. Once home all the kids went down for a nap. (myself included) We all slept for about a hour. It was great!

I’m thinking its a left over kinda night for dinner. Turkey meatballs with Zucchini “spaghetti” ! Sounds delicious.

see you later,


ps- I have to say one of the  best part of the day so far was munching on this on the way to Laurie’s. 130 cal and all worth it.



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