Dune Deck and Doctors office

I was up early as usual. My alarm (a.k.a. Bailey) started just before 7am. I got up and quietly made my way to the kitchen to make a bottle and by the time I heated it up and went into her room, she was sleeping. I layed back down thinking I could rest for a minute but nope, she started up again right when I got comfy. =) Ahh, love babies. The boys woke up shortly after and I set them up with some apples, nutra-grain bars, yogurt and juice to hold them over. I was trying to let the girls sleep as long as possible. I managed to do some laundry and pick up a little without waking them but by 9am there was more hope. The kids had full blown cabin fever. Once they were up we decided to get ready to go out to breakfast. Dune Deck here we come!

I was more than a little hungry by the time we got there and ordered some homemade yogurt with honey and walnuts, fresh fruit cup and a slice of banana bread. Everything was so good. The honey was a bit much for me but I had a few bites. The fruit and bread didn’t stand a chance.


Honey overload


Best fruit cup in Lantana



After breakfast the girls (Jenny and Elizabeth) headed up to the school and I took the kids to the park. While I was watching the kids play I noticed Ryan twitching his neck to the left. Last Saturday while we were eating Lunch I noticed him doing this. When I asked him why he was tilting his head to the left like that he started crying and said he couldn’t stop. I was worried but it seemed to stop after lunch and we went to the pool. I didn’t really see him do it again until today at the playground. I must have seen him do it 20-30 times in 15 min. I asked him again, “why are you doing that?” This time he laughed and said “I don’t know.” I continued to watch him play and tilt his head to the left. I called my friend Laurie and she said she would take him to the Dr if she was me. Ugh, nothing with kids is simple. I called the Dr’s office and the receptionist said to bring him in  30min. We left the playground and headed home to unlock the door so the girls could get back in and then headed to the Doctors office. I’ll admit I was a little nervous. (still am) It’s not a normal thing for a person to do. After the Dr. checked him out he said he has a Tic. I asked if it was similar to a turrets tic, he said no because then he would have some verbal tic as well. He ordered me a MRI of his head and referred us to a neurological specialist. I am in full blown mommy freak out mode by this time. Oh my god, what if there is something wrong with my baby? I asked if all the tests came back alright what we would do then. He said if all the test show nothing then it’s probably just a tic he’ll grow out of. Could take a few weeks, could take a few years. Hopefully this is just something he has to outgrow. I could cry just thinking of the worst it could be. Fingers crossed it’s nothing serious. I have to make his MRI appointment for Friday.

Waiting for the Doctor in the pink room, he didn’t appreciate it at all.


See you for lunch if I have an appetite.



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