Dinner, wine and good company

Jenny and Elizabeth made it up here at 5:30pm. Elizabeth was driving with a purpose Jenny Said. The kids were sleeping but woke up just after they got here. It was on after that. They were running around the house like wild animals. The girls brought food to cook for dinner. Some Jenny-o turkey breast and some free range chicken breast. After they got settled in and I started the oven and the grill. We cooked up some Jenny-O turkey breast, grilled chicken, roasted veggies and sweet potatoes.

blue cam 480

We opened up a bottle of red wine and each had a couple of glasses. Dinner was so good. Even better when I don’t have to cook. The kids helped make the chicken and therefore liked it even more. After we cleaned up we retired to the family room for a little t.v. and grown up talk. (vs. the kid talk I have all day everyday) lol

Cori was home just after 9pm. She had 2 finals and scored great on both. She amazes me always.

We were all in bed around 10ish. I was in an extra silly mood but eventually fell asleep.

See you for breakfast, think we’re going out to eat!



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    I love dinner and wine! And it looks (er looked?) delicious. Love, Goddess

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