Clean Machine

I feel like I have been cleaning for days now. It took me forever to get motivated this morning. My headache is finally gone but for some reason I’m not hungry. (and it is way past lunch time) The boys had pb&j sandwiches. I was going to make myself something but couldn’t figure out what I wanted. That would be my body saying “you’re not hungry yet” Bailey is acting a little needy today so it is making my chores take longer than usual to accomplish. I got the boys all set up outside with their little pool and the sprinkler (h2o for the grass and entertainment for the kids) but just when I started to vacuum, Bailey woke up. I think I’m pretty lucky for the most part, most of the time the kids and I flow and I can usually get all of my stuff done at the same time that they are happy and busy. Today is not one of those days. I just finished loading the dishwasher and was getting ready to wash bottles when my band-aid came off and the water hit my open blister =( How is it that I can give birth to 3 kids and this stinkin wound on my hand is debilitating? Oh well, at least I’ve sort of finished cleaning the house. The bottles will just have to wait until I gain the courage to face the pain. haha. I still have a few loads of laundry to do and the kids rooms still need to be cleaned. When is it gonna end? I’m suppose to workout in about a hour. Hopefully I have some energy.


I can’t wait to see what Elizabeth is going to cook for dinner tonight! (and to have a cocktail of course!)


I forgot to post this picture from last night. Cori was singing to her and you could tell she was listening. I love seeing them bond like this.

 blue cam 007


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