Sea to Land

The beach was gorgous! It was really hot though, even under the umbrella. Bailey fell asleep right when we got there but only slept for about 20 min. The boys brought their boogie boards and ran for the water as soon as we got there. Cori had my chair and umbrella all set up for me. =) She is great. I layed out for a little bit until Bailey woke up.

blue cam 010


The boys were busy with their boards and making sand castles for almost an hour! I kept watching them get further and further out until Ryan finally looked for me. I think he could tell by the frantic waiving of my arms that I wanted them to come in closer. haha. It’s nice knowing that Cori is up in the tower watching too. Having an extra set of eyes is key when you’re at the beach with 3 kids. I watched the boys build sandcastles for a while. They were actually helping each other out and making some cool stuff.

This is Chase saying “cheese”

blue cam 012

Ryan bringing up some water.

blue cam 014

Bailey and I sat under the umbrella in the shade playing with her toys. She doesn’t get to lay on the floor at home so she was enjoying being able to roll all around.

blue cam 021

After a quick dip in the water (cori came down from the tower to join us) it was snack time. The boys both had some mandarin oranges and a 2% mozzarella string cheese. I had a handful of carrots. I’m really getting use to the baby carrots. They are much sweeter than regular carrots.

blue cam 022

We all needed to go back in to the water after snack time. It was so hot! If you’re looking for a good workout at the beach with your kids, have I got one for you. At first I was just holding Bailey and watching the boys, then Ryan asked if I could pull him on his boogie board. Whoa! I went back and forth for about 15-20 min pulling each of them in the water, still holding Bailey. lol. My legs were burning. I think I might have to do that again. All the playing in the water made us all hungry. It wasn’t quite lunch time yet (11:35) but the boys were hot and hungry so I let them eat. Bailey was hungry too.

blue cam 028

This is how you make all of your kids happy at once.

I made a sandwich for my lunch. I used the Whole Wheat flat sandwich bread again, turkey, mustard, tomato and spinach.

blue cam 031

I brought this 100 cal pack of cheez-it’s that I wasn’t going to eat but they sounded too good to pass up.

blue cam 032

After lunch and letting the boys play some more we started to pack it up. Ryan and Chase both had some board rash, they were hot, Bailey was tired and I was out of h2o. We were there about 2.5 hours which is plenty for me.(and the kids) When we got home I layed Bailey down for her nap and decided to cut the grass. (Cori wasn’t able to do it the other day) I set the boys up with some sidewalk chalk in the driveway but they were more interested in watching a movie in the a.c. I did the front and the back in about a hour. I also managed to get a nice quarter size blister on the inside of my hand that feels great now. I still need to spread out some weed and feed but I am all of energy.

blue cam 033

 I think we’re going to PF Changs tonight for dinner to eat and visit my mom. They don’t have the healthiest menu but Cori and I found an item that is better than the rest. Singapore Street Noodles. According to it is under 400 cal. Not too bad when I can really only eat 1/2 anyway.

The boys are sleeping now and Bailey and I are going to watch a movie. Well I will try to watch it and she will drool all over the place.

see you after dinner,



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