Heavy arms

Wow, what a difference 5lb hand weights make to my am workout! Cori got me some weights at target the other day and I just used them in my JM workout. I didn’t have them before so I was doing the exercise without them. My arms feel like they are full of lead. I’ll admit, I had to put them down a couple of times during the side lunge with a shoulder raise. Ouch! I’m going to be so sore tomorrow. Put it this way, my arm is shaking just bringing my smoothie to my mouth! haha.

We’re going to the beach today. Cori brought my umbrella and chair with her today. (such a big help when you have to bring stuff for 3 kids) Bailey usually does really well at the beach. I still have to get changed, pack our bag and a small cooler for our lunch. We try to get there around the time Cori is going on a break that way she can help me get set up and hang out for a little bit.

See you after the beach,



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