What a day!!

We just got home less than a hour ago. I am exhausted. We left to go to Chucky Cheese around 11am. I munched on an apple on the way.



We were there for about a 1.5 hours. I spent about 30 tokens on this game that filled up a balloon every time you hit the button at the right time. It eventually popped and we got 160 tickets! The kids thought we were so cool. Cori played a lot of the shoot’em up games with them. Bailey and I walked around mostly. She was kinda cranky. $30 later we left with 2 bug house toys (probably worth $2) and some pop rocks. Ahh the things we do for our kids. By the time we left we were all ready for lunch. Cori and I had already decided we were going to Jason’s Deli. I could seriously eat there every day. We have menus at home and in the car. =) Most of their food is organic and it is always fresh. You can order your food to go, order and sit down or they even deliver. The boys both had pb&j on mulitgrain. Ryan had chips and Chase had apples. They ended up sharing though. Cori and I both got the salad bar with an added grilled chicken breast.


 I had…mixed field greens, romaine, spinach, red pepper, yellow pepper, red onion, jalapenos, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, 1 hard boiled egg, seed and dried fruit mix ( sunflower, walnuts, craisins, raisins) artichoke, tiny bit of pasta salad, 1 small corn bread muffin, chicken and drizzle of balsamic. So yummy. I finished almost all of it. Leaving room for a little frozen yogurt of course. (which is free by the way) I didn’t get my own but I had a few bites of Chase’s and 1 of  Cori’s. Bailey got in on the fun too. I should have gotten a picture. She really liked it, she also sucked on this organic cheddar and pumpkin flat bread.


After lunch we walked to Target to get some essentials. (and a few non-essentials) We walked around for what seems like forever and spent over $100! I needed a couple of new bra’s really bad. Losing over 40lbs since Bailey has made my ladies shrink. haha. I also needed some 5lb hand weights. I’ve been cheating on my JM workouts. Not anymore! The kids got a new place mat, cup and plate each. Cori and I each got some new PB too. She picked out an organic Banana Peanut Butter and I picked out a Dark Chocolate one. I can’t wait to put it in my smoothie.


We left Target and headed across the street to the movie theatre. (in the car this time =) I kinda wanted to see up but Cori thought  we should see Land of the Lost. Umm, yea not really a little kids movie. Chase fell asleep within the first 15 min and Ryan was up for the whole thing. Not really too bad, just a lot of bad language. It was ok overall. We had a few good laughs. Bailey not so much. She was so tired when we sat down and was pretty cranky. She had a bottle and then took a short nap.

I thought we would be heading home after the movie but Cori suggested we walk around the mall. ( I think we were all tired by this point) We went into a few stores and then walked back to the car. Neither Cori or myself are really hungry for dinner so we just made the boys some chicken nuggets. I’m sure I’ll be starving by morning but for right now I’m content.

Well, I’ve already taken up more of Cori’s time with me than she was willing to give up so goodnight.

see you for breakfast, (which will be a smoothie with my new pb of course)



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    mom said,

    Wow!!!!! What a full day. I bet you guys were tired. I miss you so next week I have to have some Ash and kid time.. I love you and am very proud of you..

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