Cleaning and singing

Ahh, nothing says house cleaning day like loud 80 music to sing to. I’m sure the kids don’t appreciate it but hey, until they take over it’s my choice. lol. I need to dust, vacuum and mop, clean the kitchen, and the bathrooms. Cori said that under our sink really freaks her out so that is on my to do list today. It is just jam packed full of stuff. We don’t have a medicine cabinet in either of the bathrooms so it makes it hard to hide the toothbrushes and toothpaste. She wants nothing but a hand towel and soap on the counter.I’m in for a challenge. I am also going to go threw all of our donation clothes and get them ready to be dropped off at goodwill. It amazes me how much “stuff” we accumulate.

My morning workout is going to have to hold off for a few hours. (or more depending on how clean crazy I get) Cori said she should be home after lunch time and she’s going to cut the grass. It could use a nice trim. =)

The boys both had Cheerios for breakfast. I have yet to make anything for myself. I woke up and started stripping beds and doing dishes. I guess I got sidetracked. Hunger is definitely setting in now. I took chicken out yesterday to make for dinner last night but we never ate. I think I’ll marinate the chicken and grill it tonight. Yummy! If I can find a minute after Cori gets home, I think I’ll jog to the grocery store and pick up some corn on the cob! Exercise and errands, nice.

I’ll pop back in to let ya know how the smoothie comes out with my new Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter. I’m so excited!

Be back shortly,



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