Dinner in deep thought



Yummy! That’s all I’ve got to say. I’m really worn out from the pool today so I didn’t want to spend a lot of time cooking.  The kids wanted taco’s and they were in luck because I had left overs still in the fridge. ( hey can’t waste good food) I heated up yet another Lean Cuisine. I googled to see how healthy they really were for you and for the most part it is the sodium level that is something to worry about. This is that I found.

The sodium levels for our LEAN CUISINE products were set after examining sodium intake guidelines for healthy adults. The U. S. Food & Drug Administration guideline advises that healthy adults should limit their sodium intake to 2400 mg daily. Although LEAN CUISINE is not required to meet any government regulations on sodium restrictions, we maintain a self-imposed guideline to ensure great taste and good health.

Keep in mind, the dinner I ate tonight had 27%  of the recommended daily intake. YIKES!!

Also, this link I found resourceful, http://diet.lovetoknow.com/wiki/Are_Lean_Cuisines_Good_For_You

For our dessert we all had a 60 cal Light and Fit yogurt with 3 sliced strawberry’s and a spinkly of Kashi Mountain Medly Granola.


When I chose to start eating healthier and exercise more ( exercise period!) I found a ton of helpful tips.

– Always choose foods that both taste good and that are good for you. Only one or the other will make your diet impossible.

– Eat  of a smaller plate. =0)

– Portion, Portion, Portion

– Food diary(counting cal, fat, etc)

– Make each and every meal just that, a “meal” sit down and enjoy your food.

– Drink tons and tons of water

– Have a snack in between meals to satisfy hunger and to avoid over eating

– Listen to your body

– Excersise daily

All of this is great and my 5 year old could follow these rules. What’s hard is when you have a busy life. When you are out running errands during the only 15 min you have to yourself and hunger strikes. How about after you’ve been out all day and come home and have to have dinner ready in a flash? I’m almost always thinking about food and what I’m going to eat next. Not because I’m always hungry but because I genuinely love and enjoy food. Even though I know a spicy chicken sandwich isn’t good for me, when I am in a hurry or hungry my body says “yea but it tastes good.” Same goes for fries, cookies, doughnuts and basiclly my entire old diet. lol This makes it very hard to stay on track. Not just for me but for everyone. I don’t restrict all my favorites, I just find new ways to enjoy them. I’m learing to live different. Learing to want to eat different. Honesltly crave those carrots! And I don’t know about you but eating of a smaller plate isn’t going to make me feel fuller. Same goes for sitting down for every meal. Heck, I’m lucky if I get to my next meal sometimes. We’re all in this together. Making smarter more health conscience decisions isn’t easy but if we keep in mind that in doing so we will have more time with the one’s we love if makes the choice a little easier.  

See you for breakfast, night,


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    mom said,

    I love your blog. I am very proud of you.

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