What a beautiful day

We just got back from Laurie’s about 45 min ago. I made us all some popcorn and the boys are ready to take a little nap. Bailey is going crazy in her exersaucer. She took a short nap at Lauries in between playing in the pool. She really loves the pool. I bet she’ll be a fish just like the boys.



Chase hurt his knee shortly after we got there. I guess all my rules aren’t crazy. A little ice and a kiss fixed him right up.



Here is Ryan. It is so hard to catch him. He doesn’t stay still for very long.

blue cam 008

For snack time the kids had some pb crackers and I had an apple. Bailey tried an orange. Too cute

blue cam 006

Let’s just say she really liked it. =)

The kids and I were playing in the pool, swimming and jumping on the trampoline. Nice way to get in some excersise. All the kids played nice together and the boys were behaving so Laurie and I actually got to relax a little. By lunch time I was pretty hungry and happy I brought a Lean Cuisine Veggie Pizza. It was a good way to get my pizza fix without feeling guilty. I will admit though, I’m already getting a little hungry.


I’m not too sure what is in store for dinner tonight. I’m thinking something un-conventional. Perhaps breakfast for dinner? An omlet maybe? lol

See you for dinner,



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