Under the weather

Wednesday June 10, 2009

I didn’t sleep all that well last night. Perhaps I did but just feel like I didn’t, I don’t know. My internal alarm went off and I was up at 6am but layed in bed because everyone was still sleeping and I was in no mood to workout. My head feels rather cloudy and congested. By 7:25am everyone in the house was up and moving about. I made a cup of tea but after a few sips I decided to go to the grocery store. My head still feels congested and I figured the sooner I went, the sooner I could come home and relax with Cori.


It always amazes me how much food we go through. Not just Cori and I but the kids! Yes, even Bailey. Between her formula and 3 jars of food a day it adds up. Lets not get started on the boys. They would eat us out of our house if we let them. I don’t even want to imagine how it’s going to be when the are teenagers. Yikes!

By the time I got home and had everything put up I was about to eat my arm off I was so hungry. Green monster time!

blue cam 002

It never stood a chance.

blue cam 004

Ahh…. it’s so good. Cori planned on going to the high school (her 2ndjob) around noon so we planned a little QT during Bailey’s morning nap. The boys were in their room playing with magnetics (great investment) and were occupied for the most part. Cori and I climbed back in bed and watched Nurse Jackie. It was different than we expected but we still liked it. 

Cori left on time and with all the kids playing I tried Jillian Michaels Boost your Metabolism. Oh My!!! It’s 45 min of crazy intense strength and aerobics. I’ve been doing the 30 day Shred for almost a week now but I was no match for this. It doesn’t help that I feel like absolute crap either. I gave up after about 30 min. Right about when the crazy lady on t.v. was doing mountain climbers followed by walking planks. What the? lol I will give it another go in a couple of days when I am feeling better.

By 1pm (and after a nice how shower) I was ready for lunch. Cori fed the boys right before she left. I wasn’t really hungry as much as I just knew I should eat something. Especially  where I’m not feeling so hot. I remember someone told me one time that has always stuck “starve a fever, feed a cold” So, Lean Cuisine it is.


This one was really good. It was Sundried Tomato Chicken, pasta, broccoli and carrots. They are making the Lean Cuisines with 30% more food now. I was fine with them before but after putting this one on a plate, it really does trick your mind into thinking it is a lot of food. I was pleasantly full.  Ok, truth…I was ready for a nap. Haha. I haven’t really taken a nap since I had Bailey but I was so tired. The boys were ready for their nap too as was Bailey. So we all went down. Bailey and I slept for about a hour! The boys about 1.5 . It was great. I needed it.

After we woke up and all had a little nibble on some baked tostitos and fire roasted salsa, we went outside. The boys stripped down to their underroos and played in the sprinkler. Bailey and I played for a little bit ( not getting too wet) and then we just watched. She really enjoys watching them. Alicia made a quick pit stop by the house to pick up some stuff she had left here the other night. (hi Alicia! )

By 6pm we were sitting down for dinner. I finished up the left over chicken and had a nice chicken salad. Pretty basic salad (no pic sorry) just Romaine lettuce, spinach, tomato, chicken and Light Asian Toasted Sesame dressing. (2 tbls.) The kids had chicken, green beans, and some rice. For dessert the boys had some strawberry’s  and a nutragrain bar. I had a 100 cal Skinny Cow fudge bar. Delicious.


See you for breakfast,


ps- my Internet was down all day so this was written yesterday but posted today. Hopefully  comcast is on their game today because I don’t know if I could handle another no-Internet day. lol


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