Dinn-errrr maybe not

Dinner was a little off at the house tonight. Chase took an abnormally long nap and woke up pretty cranky. Ryan had some left over chicken with mashed potatoes and corn. Chase said he wasn’t hungry and that was that. I had a very small piece of chicken with some collard greens. I’m not feeling too hot so I made myself some emergen-c. I know none of those things really work but it tricks my head into thinking I’m getting better. haha, don’t ask. Plus if I am starting to get sick (I kinda think I already am) maybe it will give me an extra vitamin boost. I think a trip to the vitamin shop is in order.

I always talk to my friend Laurie about being a mom and getting sick. We really don’t have the luxury of just “being sick.” I remember a few years ago I was so sick. I knew it. I felt awful but I was still going to work, taking care of the kids and just living life. After a couple weeks I was getting really bad. I was having to pull the car over to puke (sorry gross) and when I took a deep breath I felt like I was being stabbed in the chest. I finally broke down and went to the Dr. The look on his face was pure shock. I had a severe upper respiratory infection, ear infection, sinus infection and was overall in very bad shape. I knew I was sick but my body went into survival mode. I knew that the kids had to be taken care of and I had to go to work. No matter what you just keep going. We never really stop to say “is this just a cold or am I really sick?” Living with kids it’s almost impossible to avoid getting sick. I do pretty well all year but then when I least expect it, bam! I’m sick. Yesterday I had a really runny nose and I took some allergy medicine thinking that would fix it but this morning I felt worse. I took some Alka-Seltzer Cold and it helped a little but it always gets worse at night right? Ugh. I’m ready to have a hot cup of tea with some honey and go to bed.

Cori is off tomorrow morning from the beach. Yay! I have to go grocery shopping in the am! No way of getting around it. We are down to almost nothing. These kids eat so much now I’m scared to see how much they are going to eat when they are teenagers. yikes! I’m praying that by keeping up my workouts I’ll give my immune system a boost. With the help of colorful healthy food.

See you for breakfast (whatever shape I’m in)


Ps- I’m so excited to re-stock my banana, pb and spinach supply for my green monsters it’s not even funny!


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    BeckaBoo said,

    Oh how cute is this!!! I should sign up. It would help me get stuff off my chest! I love reading it now!!!! 🙂 Miss you tons Ashley.

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