Blast from the past

My friend Jenny got here about 3ish and after a couple hours of catching up and running around with the kids we started to cook some dinner. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take her around sight seeing or out for dinner but the kids had entirely too much energy to sit at a restaurant. I had taken out chicken early this afternoon and had it marinating all day. Once we decided to stay in I heated up the oven and got prepped. Grilled chicken, sweet potato fries and roasted vegetables. The sweet potatoes and veggies were tossed in EVOO and I used a little Mrs Dash garlic and herb on the veggies. Everything turned out delicious. Jenny said it was the perfect dinner. =) That’s always nice to hear. The chicken came out juicy and tender.

blue cam 035

The spread

blue cam 034

This was after we were done eating. The kids didn’t think my dinner was too stellar. Ryan had a big salad. He didn’t want any chicken or veggies. (weird I know) Chase wasn’t going to eat dinner until Ryan got his snack (ice cream sandwich) and then he changed his mind. He didn’t want what I cooked and I know its bad to cook 2 meals. So, I made him a turkey sandwich. That kid could live off of sandwich’s and I’ve learned to pick my battles.

I had a glass of wine while I was cooking and I’m sipping on a glass now.

blue cam 038

A nice Australian Merlot.

Cori should be home in about a hour and I so ready. Jenny and I are going to hang out for a while more before bed. She has an appointment at a Culinary School in the morning. Cross your fingers for her. Go Jenny!

See you for breakfast,



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