Not so young anymore

Good morning, or should I say turn off the sun? I wouldn’t say I’m hung over but I definitely don’t feel as good as I normally do in the morning. Our company was here until just after 10pm and we went straight to bed. I’m sure I had more beers than I should have but hopefully the zoo will take care of that today. Along with a very low cal day and tons of water. I remember the days when we would drink and sleep like the dead. Last night I was tossing and turning all night. First I was hot, then I had to use the bathroom, and was overall just not comfortable. Cori was just headed out the door when I woke up and was nice enough to change Bailey’s diaper for me while I heated up her liquid diet. =)

Nothing exciting for breakfast. I’m not really that hungry but knew I needed something in my belly so I had a South Beach Diet PB protein bar. At 140 cal I know I’ll be hungry before lunch. *note to self, pack healthy snacks for the zoo* The kids saw me eating my bar and didn’t take much convincing to get one too. I’m not exactly up for making full on breakfast this morning. (or working out for that matter)

The zoo is still on. I’m going to renew our membership. It pays for itself after the first couple weeks of summer usually. I really try to get them out of the house everyday even if it’s only for a short amount of time. Having 2 boys (5 &4) stuck in the house will make you go crazy. Everyone says I’m so brave to venture out like I do with all 3 of them but it can be much harder trying to entertain them at home. The zoo here isn’t that big and unless you plan it right, it only lasts a hour or so. I always bring our lunch. We read  the info on pretty much ALL the animals. Yes, every time. Right before we leave we (they) play in the fountains. Summer time is when all the camps go and it can get a little overwhelming with all the extra kids there so hopefully it’s not too packed today.

The boys could really use their hair trimmed, if  Bailey lets me I might try to do that before we leave. I also have to pick up the house a little, fold some clothes, pack our lunch, and get the kids dressed and sunblocked. (did I just make up my own word)

See you after the zoo,



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