again…cherry wheat

I know, I know beer is not good for my plan but with good company and good beer who could lose?

We had such a great day at the pool.


The boys (although hard headed) were behaving as usual. The sun was shinning and Laurie and I were having a good time. We got there about 11 and before I knew it we were having lunch. Well, the boys were at least. I wasn’t hungry from my oats overload this morning. They had pizza. (shocker !) I brought a Lean Cuisine with me. (always safe) We stayed there until just about 3pm. The boys were tired, Bailey was tired and I was just ready to go home.

We did stop by the beach to say hi to Cori on the way home. =)





 so cute, Cori is trying to kiss Chase in the background.



I was rushing home to pick up a little because Alicia was coming over. With dinner! She graces us with her presence every so often. This time she came with one of the best dinners I’ve ever had. She made a chicken dish that consisted of: 1/2 chicken breast seasoned with rosemary topped fontina cheese and fig preserves wrapped in pastry. Oh my! To accompany this was a delicious broccoli dish with a soy sauce/ butter sauce with cashews. Nothing low fat here but all worth the flavor. I made sure to pick a small piece of chicken (still only 1/2 a breast which I didn’t finish) and just a taste of broccoli and wild rice. I will be making this dish again for company. It tastes gourmet and Alicia swears it’s easy. We shall see.

Cori and Alicia both bought a 12 pack Yueng Ling. yikes! But the real surprise was what else Cori bought, Sam Adams Cherry Wheat!! We didn’t think we would find it outside of a bar but she did.


and….drum roll…..


Hershey’s Pure Dark Chocolate 60% Cocao. I have had a serious craving for chocolate. This is just what the Dr ordered!

I should get back to my company now. The zoo is on the to do list for tomorrow. See you in the am for breakfast!




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