No time to post.

Last night when Cori got home  the taco’s were ready.I had every  intention of having a salad with maybe a little taco meat but once it was all out I couldn’t resist it! I had a soft taco with 1tsp fat free sour cream, sprinkle of 2% taco cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and some spicy salsa. Now Cori on the other hand had like 8 or something close to that. haha, She can really eat and since she is so active she doesn’t gain an ounce! ugh right? Try living  with her it’s torture. (just kidding)

Here’s what I had for dinner



And here is just one of Cori’s.


The spread


Paper plates make for an easier clean up. All those taco’s and poor Bailey has to drink her bottle. =( haha she didn’t mind one bit.


I woke up this morning at almost 7:30! I might have to start setting an alarm. I feel like I’m rushing when I wake up that late. I know it is still early but  between feeding the kids and getting them busy so I can work out it is like half the day is gone. ugh. We did make it to the house fire today. I wasn’t sure what to expect. We stopped at CVS on the way to get some bug spray and I got the boys some chips and a drink. Thank goodness because it was so hot and the bugs were out in full force. They had a few tents set up with tables and chairs but there was little to no wind and once the house was lit it was so hot. There were 2 big fans blowing and after a while I grabbed a chair and sat right in front of one. The smoke was so thick it could almost make your eyes burn. I kept Bailey on my lap so the wind from the fan kept most of the smoke out of our face’s. The boys were plenty entertained with all of the other kids there.We left there smelling like we were at a bonfire all day. I can actually feel it in my chest a little too. Poor Cori will be out there all day. They are burning the house down to the ground! If  you saw this house you would understand why. I wasn’t able to get any pictures due to the fact that I was holding Bailey the whole time.

We got home and were all ready for lunch. I made all of us turkey sandwiches. The boys had american cheese on theirs and a little bit of the leftover mac n cheese on the side. I had a tiny bit of fat free mayo and some spicy mustard, no cheese just turkey. It was really good. I haven’t had just a regular sandwich in a while. I love nice whole wheat bread! yummy. Since Cori won’t be home for dinner I’m not sure what were are going to have. As of right now I haven’t taken anything out to cook yet so it will be a surprise to me too. =)

See you for dinner,



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